CDO disclaimer change

Hi everyone,

With so many initiatives like the brazen bulletin, brazen broadcast and the social media propaganda engine I’m wondering if there are people here who would not be agreeable to add a clause the the chaos dwarf online rules/disclosure that all pictures posted on the CDO can (and will) be used in above mentioned initiatives without explicit permission from the poster.

I don’t think anyone would have an issue with this but, especially in these times, it would be smart to cover our bases.
It would make it a lot easier for the people making these things.
Obviously everyone will be credited.


@staff, what are your opinions, and what are the options technically?


From my side with pleasure, I have no problems with that. I post the pictures here publicly, so it doesn’t make any difference to me either!

I guess @Admiral would have more exp on the matter. But sounds good to me, and Id consider it an honor! :slight_smile:
But we could keep a “black list” in the WIP area if some member would disagree about photos being used? Just as a safety, but I very much doubt there would be anyone on it as long as everybody gets credited…


That’s a fair point! We could definitely do a blacklist

Good initiative @MichaelX

Yeah it’s definitely a thing where I’ve never had anyone say no. Most people say yes and are quite happy about it.

If we decide this we need to make it clear in the rules of the forum and make an announcement on the news section as well. And make it “opt out” instead of “opt in” so we can keep a list of people’s work we cannot share as @tjub said.

Worth baring in mind though that some folk make things and love to share it but can’t always. For example @knightinflames has provided beautiful artwork before but couldn’t the other day because it was technically a commission piece from a company so couldn’t go in our publication.(admittedly that’s a rarer circumstance)

I mean, it could be opt out but people adding images on the cdo that can’t be used having a clear notice on or near it. A simple watermark could possibly fix it. It’s simply an idea, the community needs to agree on how this could be implementeren.

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At the end of the day this is a public forum. People post images here and they can come up in Google searches. So most people will be happy for their images to be public because they’ve made them public already.

I think a public post in the news section and an update of the rules will cover it. Make it clear opting out of this for single images or all content is doable by posting that it’s not to be shared or by telling staff you don’t want none of your stuff shared. Then folk can opt out easy enough.

I don’t think @staff should do anything immediately because this thread should sit here for a while and give our less frequent users a chance to see it and comment their view / suggestions.

This next zine will be out soon(ish) haha. After that we can start building the next one with this new change to our rules in effect.

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For my part as a community member, I’m fine with an abstention. I don’t understand a lot of these legal issues well, but I’ll make the effort to learn and adhere to whatever final decision is made.


For me, the change I mentioned is OK.

I am here to share my minis with you. And if I am honest, I am very proud of them. Accordingly, I personally have no problem with my pictures being shared.

But I can understand if someone sees it differently.


While I personally have no problem and would feel honoured with my images being used (not that I have posted any content remotely fit for the mentioned media), I am not a big fan of opt-out models. What has been proposed here might have a bit of a Facebook-esque vibe to some users in the sense that could give the impression that CDO “owns” images posted on this site. That sounds minor (and I agree it probably is) but especially new users might be more hesitant to post their images knowing that it might be featured in our zine. Opting out is annoying, so I would very much prefer an opt-in model to not create any potential hurdles for people that want to post content on this site.


Perhaps @Anzu a workaround way to do it is this: From now on, when we ask permission we make a habit of asking users permission for any or their cdo content and staff keep a list of who is or isn’t cool with it.

Many people have already said “yeah use anything” before.

Again we will keep this thread open so any and all active users can give their opinion on the matter. Seems like a minor thing but sourcing permission is one of the most time consuming parts of the zine


An opt-in whitelist, though more labor intensive at the beginning, would work too. We could maintain a thread somewhere and every time we ask permission just add to that list. Eventually it will serve the same purpose, except it would need permanent updating on our part.

@Oxymandias a standardized piece of text that says “can we use your stuff for publication x and any future publication” could make it a bit easier on all of us.