Chaos Dwarf Radio The Brazen Broadcast #4 An interview with Sotek the Loremaster!

Welcome to the fourth episode of Chaos Dwarf Radio. Oxymandias, Chitzkoi, MichaelX and Reaver interview Loremaster of Sotek about his views on TWW3 and the role chaos dwarfs could have in it, give our thoughts on how this all relates to TOW and we review some good GW kits for conversions and bits sources.

Beat your Hobgoblin slave into submission, throw a few Daemons on the fire, down tools and join us as we talk all things Chaos Dwarf!

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Lorebeards playlist: Everything Warhammer Podcast | Lorebeards Episode 1 - YouTube

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Was just logging on to make this post @MichaelX . Thanks mate haha!


Am about half way through - as usual an entertaining listen bravo to you all


Excellent as always guys, superb ambassadors for our little community


Great work! A bit sad that chaos dwarfs probably wont show up at release in TW3 but i can wait a little longer i guess :smiley:


Waiting for a release that may never happen. The chaos dwarf fans lot in life haha.

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Finally finished and wow so much great content. Looking forward to the next instalment


Just listened to it, great episode guys! :heart_eyes:


I’m looking forward to @Admiral hearing the first ten seconds haha


HAHAHA! :smiley:

I’ve got a lot to catch up on (busy restoring bathroom roof, laying floor and painting planks these days), but I checked out the first ten seconds after intro music. @EisenhansGrey Seer is apparently famous.

Great going lads!



Really enjoyed this as always, top notch work. You’re all doing great things for the community and we thank you.


Another great episode, friends! Really nice conversation.
So I was wondering about what the future holds for Chaos Dwarfs in Age of Sigmar, Total War and The Old World. What of the things you discussed with Sotek and in our community is fantasy, what’s rumours and what’s confirmed?

  • Age of Sigmar: So this upcoming faction called “Oathbreakers”. Somebody with knowledge leaked the information, that a so called faction is coming, right? Do we assume that’s evil Dwarfs or was that info leaked as well?
  • Total War: Did one of Sotek’s (or anybody else’s, obviously) sources confirm that Chaos Dwarfs are a full faction in Total War or is that just assumed?
  • The Old World: Kind of the same thing, I mean we all saw what GW has so far released, it’s looking good, but did some source actually leak/confirm/hint that Chaos Dwarfs will see a release in TOW?

Oathbreakers confirmed - very very strong leaks on this front.

I think most total war assumptions are based on where the maps are now headed. Ogre kingdoms and Cathay are confirmed. The old world itself (as in the empire and Bretonnia etc) will be included. Would be hard to not have the dark lands explored.m as it’s geographically in the middle

Now…Their inclusion in the 28mm rank flank old world game we now know we are getting is based on wan assumption that 1) total and war and old world tie ins (such as kislev) and 2) an assumption on some kits being used in both games 3) we any you to use all your old armies in it - statement from the press release meaning hopefully at least rules for us :slight_smile:

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Regarding TWW3, the Chaos Dwarfs are confirmed in that “every faction that had an army book” will be in the game, and factions with less (Norsca, Vampire Coast) are already in. We’ve now seen a map that has the dark lands in it with chaos dwarf named settlements.


Regarding TOW, we have the least of the three to go on. However what we do have is this:


The Kislev map. It intentionally veers off to the east, passing the traditional Old World barrier of the World’s Edge and explicitly showing the Dark Tower as a named settlement.

So, at the very least, the Old World will fully acknowledge our place in relation to what is likely to be their launch range - Kislev.

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Regarding Oathbreakers, to be super clear, the source is the same as the source that called other things correctly like the Hobgoblins in the Dominion Box.


Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure. We’ve been hurt before :wink:


I really enjoyed the interview, I was happily surprised to see it happen, having had followed LMoSotek while he was doing his Chaos Dwarf Q&A videos, I think a few others from here were following them too, as I(Erik the Red) wasn’t the only one throwing some lore down in the comment section :smiley:.


I think you guys are onto something here. These YouTube guys def draw a crowd. Maybe more collabs would be a good idea!


We have one with a bigger YouTuber but we won’t do it til chorf DLC is announced