Chaos (Dwarf) Spawns Based on Scaly-Foot Snails?

Chaos Spawns can obviously look like anything between heaven and hell, including a horribly misformed bull dwarf amalgamation. Here is one streak of Chaos Spawn inspired by nature that might be of interest to some mad scientist of a modeller around here: Behold the scaly-foot snail, with iron shell and ability to survive nearby volcanoes. The scalemail and its classy big hat does have a slight Dawi Zharr ring to it:


holy crap… that is a real snail :open_mouth: …

this post was a rollercoaster! At first i thought “That is a realistic sculpt of a snail! And look at that neat paint job! And even glossy varnish for the slime! very smart!” but then i was like “It actually looks very real… Wait… oh my it IS real! Someone should sculpt those!”


And it even has a big heart :heart:

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Wow. That thing is mad!
Would have believed it a fantasy creature !


This reminds me of the pre-Burning Crusade Patch for World of Warcraft, I was sold on going Warlock as I had done since starting the game in 05, but then I came across a Druid, he was helping me win a fight(we were Horde), and he summoned trees, I could not believe it, but when I saw that if I went the restoration path, I could become a tree! Well, lets just say that from that moment onward I played as Mock(Monster Rancher Tree monster, so a Restoration Druid).

Then came the unthinkable… A friend of mine who knew I was madly in love with the tree form shared with me a story from India, one that, seemed to be made up, a fraud, there was no way it could be real, but then…

Be careful what you wish for, as it just might come true, and sadly these real life “Druids” were not by choice, what you are seeing are “bark like warts”. It was from that day forward that I knew, the mysteries of nature would never truly be completely known, let alone understood.


Jupp, still remember the first time I picture googled “treeman” looking for sculpting inspiration… :dizzy_face:


hahah yeah its…something else ain’t it? Reminds me of a few years back when Russia was digging deep into the Arctic, and people were scared that they might let lose some truly ancient disease or plague. Seeing what we have on this Earth as is , I got to agree with them, thankfully the end of the world did not come from their dig though, we got enough troubles as is.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie”
Never dig for ancient evil.
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