Chaos Dwarf trailer

Here we go!


…I am happy to see that they went with a mix of a 6th edition and Legion of Zharr aesthetics. Since the Chaos Dwarfs ARE on the map for Warhammer the Old war, and since we know that Games Workshop is working with CA to develop the game, I am fairly sure that when Chaos Dwarfs are going to be redone, that’s the look they are going to have.

Also, Bull centaurs are still big! Don’t know whether they are going to release the “tiny” cavalry version down the line, but I assume that those are not canon anymore?

And after so many years is nice to see what K’daai Destroyers were supposed to look like.

Wasn’t expecting those animations for K’daai Fireborn, but the fire “tornado” that propels them look better than a straight flame coming out of their torso (which is what the miniatures seemed to do).


With a K’daay Destoyer at the end!
Looks quite similar to the unreleased FW model we know photos of, but not bad.

Yeah, the FW design with a few more units, I very much like what I see.
When we get miniatures, they’ll easily fit into my Nakart Zhinn project.

Only thing I’d criticize is that Astragoth looks too young in the face, according to his fluff (and lifestyle) I’d expect him to look at least as ancient as he is.


You can read more about him here, together with some nice concept art and tiny bits of lore.

i am not too keen on the Lammasu’s design though. I mean, blue and orange are ok, but I am sad to see its coiled beard go. Plus, it does not have hooves anymore (which in my opinion looked odd anyway); instead it has the paws of a lion and (interestingly) the talons of a bird of prey. I suspect this is just recycled assests from the Empire Griffon though.


I’ll have to update emoticons as well hauhauhuahua


A little disappointed that we did not get a fourth Lord I hope that the DLC will be so awesome that we won’t care in the end. Or maybe years down the road, they’ll give us a fourth, but I really do hope that this means that we really will be released in the old world like for real and that we get new models that look like our beloved fourth that way, I can buy a whole new section of an army.

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Look at Gorduz’s grin, my boy looks scary.


The sadism is just palpable

Lots of inspiration from Forge World in all of the warmachines. Keeping my fingers crossed some will return for a limited run… please please please!!!

Part of that it’s going to depend on how well this DLC sells if this DLC is like the worst selling one of all time than they might wonder why to put it back on table top. But if it ends up being the best selling DLC‘s and ends up like kind of revitalizing this game, they might be like holy crap people love chaos dwarfs let’s put a bunch of them out.


Hats, mustaches and Astragoth. They did it perfectly!

This video make me feel closer than ever to what the chaos dwarfs evoke for me. The despotic order, the industrial madness.
Dwarfs better get their rune golems quickly to counter all this beauty.


Loved loved loved seeing this finally come out. I had to look at some still shots to see the Bull Centaurs.

The Destroyer looks amazing…man I want these guys to come back in mini-form now even more.


Exciting, exciting. The mechanics sound great.

I love the mix of the old 4th style and newer forgeworld style, layered with the style of comic/movie 300. I would be pretty happy with new GW models that look like this, this is just awesome.

Edit: Just seen the gameplay video. Astragoth running around on his little spindly robot legs is something I will always find funny. The Bull Centaur’s name would be funnier if it was a horse-based centaur. I’d suggest Mooreen, or Mooria.
More unpaid interns to stimulate the economy!


Astragoth’s campaign footage:

I love EVERYTHING I am seeing here. Outposts, towers, temple politics, labour (they couldn’t say slavery openly I guess). Love it to bits. Wasn’t expecting Astragoth to sound like that, big I dig the voice acting nonetheless


They really went all the way with faction thematics and I love it. It might be one of the most thematic factions yet.

I agree about Astragoth’s voice. After years building Astragoth in my head, it is weird to finaly see the official version. I never noticed the mechanical legs were supposed to be kind of funny, like everything in Warhammer. I always pictured him more sinister looking. Nice of them to remind me he still is a dwarf. Can’t wait to take him to meet Thorgrim.

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I just noticed (8:54) the chaos dwarf units have a number limit. It seems we will have armies made out of large masses of greenskins and a much more limited number of elite dwarf units to support them.
This might be the way they found to prevent them from being too overpowered. I like it because it remains loyal to the old fluff, and they will feel different from the western dwarfs in combat.


Interesting. I have not played a Total War title since Medieval II and this looks too fast paced for my taste but I appreciate that CA treated the chaos dwarfs with that much respect. If this is a preview of what to expect from TOW, I would honestly not have expected that the new chaos dwarfs are going to be carbon copies from the 4th edition ones after we got the hobgrots and the Horns of Hashut from GW. I just hope that GW is going to show an equal amount of respect to the fantastic range of unofficial miniatures and STLs that this community has created out of negligence over the years…

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My only concern at this point is the fact that I don’t understand a single fuck of this game.
Never played any total war before and it’s fucking crazy xD I always sucked at RTS, but boy this is much worse than I expected ahuauah it’s like I have 2 right hands yet left-handed
Gotta learn it from some yt video because the tutorial is leaving me with more questions than not xD


Everything about this makes me dread the release date. Because I have only until then to turn that hype into hobby energy for my dwarfs, and exactly until then, because as soon as it’s out I’m gonna be glued to my laptop screen drooling and slobbering for a month or two at least.