Chaos Dwarf trailer

No they still have slaves in dark elves, they probably just wanted to make it seem like it was a different game mechanic. Because if they are both slaves then maybe dark elves would be like why don’t we get cool stuff to

I think it’s more about the choice of words in an official trailer before the DLC has even become available to buy… They might not want to put some people off by rubbing capital-S-Slavery directly in their faces as one of this factions main mechanics :sweat_smile:

I think they just needed to differentiate it from the other two slavery systems, which are still both openly called slavery. There is no pretense that these are willing laborers.


Right? Obviously the elfs do it wrong anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

“Slaves” implies druchii sadism, for everything is a toy.

“Labour” implies dawi zharr indifference, for everything is ressources.


Yeah hopefully the Chaos Dwarfs have unique diplomacy lines with the Western Dwarfs, would love to see Astragoth just berate Thorgrim and the Ancestors.


If diplomacy is available at all. I know some factions are locked out of that possibility with specific rivals

If the Warriors of Chaos can do diplomacy with the Empire then I can’t see why Chaos Dwarfs can’t do diplomacy with the Karaz Ankor.

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Weeeeeeell, the Empire surely fears Warriors of Chaos and all, you can parley on that grounds. But Ancestor Dwarfs are deeply ashamed (which is of course the worst thing in life for a Dwarf) of Chaos Dwarfs, they deny their very existence. I could see them being barred from diplomatic relations

A regular run of the mill dwarf will choose suicide by troll over living with shame. Chaos Dwarfs are named by the Dawi as their greatest secret and their greatest shame. If forced to face it, I’d be willing to bet that the majority of the Karaz Ankor would Slayer up to solve the Dawi Zharr problem than parley with the Children of the Father of Darkness. That being said, any and all head canon is just as legit as anything not explicitly stated or denied in lore. Its a dark fantasy setting, and if you prefer the Dawi and the Dawi Zharr could mend their past and come together as something more, more power to you! Enjoy your creativity!


Should’ve worded that different, but yeah I know that whole deal with the Dwarfs and Chorfs. iirc you can open the diplomacy screen with non-diplomacy factions (like Beastmen) but can’t make deals with them. I’m sure that’ll be the same case with Chorfs and Dwarfs, can open the diplomacy screen but can’t make deals. Though I can also see them making it to where you can’t flat out open the screen at all with the Dwarfs.

The Virgin Sadist Druchii - Childish Edgelord; still plays with toys

The Chad Indifferent Dawi’Zharr - Creates jobs and a thriving economy; great at resource management


I have several friends that are either old grognards like myself that played WHFB back in the late 80’s/earl 90’s onwards or younger guys that play Age of Sigmar and also Total Warhammer series.

They all know I am an old school CD player and have been begging GW to bring CD into Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Old World. After that trailer came out every single one of them was giving me some variation of “HOLY $%^&!!!” and bombarded me with questions about CD and their culture, army, etc. They are now all heavily into CDs and are dying to not just play them in this game but joining me in trying to convince GW to bring them to the tabletop for AOS and Old World.

I am excited about everything I’ve seen. I have a few minor issues that the beards should be Babylonian looking, the Harradins should be in the game and we need a named Bull Centaur LL (or the Black Dwarf LL) but those are very minor. I was blown away by the trailer and how freaking awesome CA has made my beloved evil pointy beards look.


I do NOT know anything about Total war setting BUT I am an old grumbling Dawi-Zharr and I can say we can make a deal with the greenskin scum, they are stupid and can be subjogated to our will, we can make a deal with Chaos, yes we cannot trust them but we understand their behaviour and master a deal in our favour…we cannot make a deal with who betrayed us and left alone in the darkness in the direst moments. When the great demise came onto us there was only one light to lead our path to salvation, who care the price, and that light was the Mighty Hashut.
No mercy for the weak, crumbling race of the Dawi. Only the children of fire will survive to dominate the old world… :fire: :fire: :fire:


One of the biggest satisfactions for a Chaos Dwarf player of the old times is too see how resilient and sturdy we are. We walked through the darkness of the 6th edition with an army list of 2 pages against races that hade multiple army books and hundreds of magic tools, we grasped to a single miniature with 3 Dawi-Zharr, the only official GW release available for years, we hailed Forge World that gave us something to play with into 7th and 8th edition (at such a high cost, the Tamurkhan book and the forge world miniatures were costly even for GW standards…), we walked into the deepest night of Age of Sigmar with some pdfs…we never surrendered, we converted, we used proxies and Third parties miniatures, we sculpted our own armies…we fought back. And now THIS video cheered up our souls of fire :fire: We are the Dawi-Zharr, no matter the cost, we endure throught the ages to the final victory! :cd1991:


Yes, there was a reply from some community manager on FB (IIRC) that Shar’tor is AoS and therefore not in the game.
Which is technically correct, but he was also clearly sculpted for WHF still and when FW was surprised by AoS he got an AoS warscroll on release shortly after. I hope they understand this much and there is not really a license conflict in the way – which well could be.

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I believe that CA said that GW told them they can’t use Sha’Tor in the game because GW considers him AOS…even though he’s never been shown, ever, in AOS. I am hoping (and praying) it means that GW is planning on a full Dawi Zharr release for AOS and Sha’Tor will be included in that.

But since GW won’t let CA use him then CA needs to create a new bull centaur LL and just give him his own fluff and lore. CA has already created new LLs where none existed in prior games.

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Drazoath’s gameplay:

I know I am a geek, but listening to the Infernal Guards chanting “Uzkul Drath Zharr, Hashut, Hashut, Hashut!” In unison gave me chills. Also, the Kdaai Destroyer looks amazing!