Chaos Dwarfs could be the next race for Total War

So, for those who don’t know the trailer for TWWH3 dropped earleier today:

As you can read on the game’s Steam page there are going to be 6 starting factions: Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Kislev and… Cathay. Yes you read that right. For those who wonder, GW was directly involved in the production of these 2 original races, watch the following video:

CA said that there is going to be a bonus DLC race dropping for the third game as pre-order bonus, and that can only be the Ogres or Chaos Dwarfs. Now, lately in game 2 A LOT of territory was added east of the world’s edge mountain, as far as Pigbarter in the east and the Silver Pinnacle up north, plus the only “blurred” part left of Warhammer 2’s map is the Darklands. I have a strong hunch that this summer we are going to become officialy a playable race in one of the most accomplished Warhammer videogames in history


Please Hashut let it be so.


It is quite possible as Kislev and Cathay are pretty much separated by the Darklands. It would be weird not to add Zharr Naggrund and its inhabitants then! :smile:


Yeah I’m not sure what they’d put there other than generic chaos factions? rebel dwarfs? bleh.

Before the Tomb Kings release in WH2 they leaned on vampires to cover those lands.

This is this year’s gift to me. Kislev and Chaos Dwarfs. The wait is going to be painful.
I must say I never dared to think they would go with Cathay.

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If they add Chaos Dwarfs it will be a must have for me, well probs all of us lol
If not… it will be one less distraction from my painting haha

Oh, fear not, it is going to happen. Question is when: either this summer as a pre-order bonus, or as a future DLC. Believe it or not though I am more excited to see what they have done with Kislev and Cathay. This is the first time that GW has added a new race to the Fantasy setting since Ogres came out in the early 2000s and… boy am I curious. Especially because there is a very strong possibility to see these guys released as a playable army once Warhammer the Old World hits the shelves.


Fairly sure Kislev will be getting minis - in one of the Old World preview articles they showed off some Kislev concept art iirc.

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