Chaos Gyrocopters

Hi guys!

I’m brewing an idea in my head. What I want to do is mount one of these classic swivel guns as a door-gun on a gyrocopter, as if it were a Vietnam War huey.

The problem is, there’s no open-sided Gyrocopter. At the moment I’m thinking about converting it from a Gyrobomber in the space where the bombs sit, but it’ll deform the whole thing and the Gyrobomber is covered in distinctly non-Hashut iconography.

I’d love any thoughts you guys have on possible routes for this.


What about one of those Kharadron Airships as a base? The Grundstock Gunhauler might already work.


Yeah I considered it, it’s a good shout and probably the easiest. I wonder if there’s some way of getting chopper blades on it. I’ll have a look at the sprue pics.

Ultimately I’m going to need to buy a combo of kits and play around. Also taking suggestions for any kits that have good flat platforms; the original dark eldar raiders used to have perfect ones but the redesign no longer does.

Here are my interpretations of an airship / gyrocopter for my Chaos Dwarves. Of course, you could make them more modern, without the buoyancy body or the sail.


If you want smaller ones you could do worse that the old gorkamorka deed koptas (I think they still sell this venerable ork sculpt)



Love that gyro! :metal:

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Me too man. While it lives gorkamorka lives hahaZ I think since the truck got replaced it’s the last of that model line still on sale!

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I love that we have had the same brainwaves. I did indeed start thinking about the deffkopta earlier. And the way you’ve done the literal Raider I mentioned is hilarious.

Kharadrons aren’t big on empty deck space. It’s the whole Digitally Assisted Design thing where they cram shitloads of detail everywhere. Stops the models from breathing imo

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Zanko!! You used the exact deck gun! That’s mental. Wavelength or what

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Yep! Of course, what do you think - we are at CDO! :joy:

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i bought years ago those 2 blimps from titan forge. they are taking dust in the armoire.
if uoi interested i could sell them to you


They are so cool @Loidrial

I know, but never been able to do anything with them.
I would gladly give them to someone that will use them instead of or having those in a box for the last 7 years


Uh I have them too. And the bigger one. It’s for a very special project I am going to tackle after my Chaos Dwarfs.


That last one looks rather like the old Aphid-class steam flyer from the old GDW “Space 1889” game. Very cool indeed. I’d suggest using the sail skiff from ‘Return of the Jedi’ and put your ‘door guns’ there, and probably a swivel up in the prow.

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I have piles of appreciation for this statement

It will end up looking like a wide lode Drukhari Raider! Which I can get behind.

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I just scored some boats (2 gunhaulers and frigate) pls advise mighty pirate lord. Starting to think I’m gonna whack a '93 Earthshaker on one of 'em. Swivels. Maybe a lamassu head / bull head figurehead. I like the banner icon from the Infernal Guard standard bearer for that


Digging your ideas, I’m sure you’ll make good use of them. Obligatory statement I’ll get out of the way first: At least one boat needs a built in stern-mounted asscannon tailpipe.

Gonna toss a stream of ideas:

  • magma porthole murderholes, some closed, some open potentially with a wireframe supporting hot glue or g-stuff drips
  • nix the flight stand and support flying ship with a dropped/dropping salvo of bombs, sturdy wireframe concealed with sponge smoke/fire effects pretty sure I’ve see used for magma cannon plumes etc on this forum
  • hobgoblin flying behind dangling by some wire rigging as if his captain chucked him overboard
  • keelhauled scarred bloody hobgoblin strapped to the underside of the airship
  • dangling grond except a bull head battering ram
  • imo kharadron need more exposed piping, steam whistles, chains, valves, etc obviously biased by my own aesthetic choices here
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I’ve got a spare earth shaker with no crew if you find a need for it :wink: