Custom Dice order

Hi all,

I found the post about ordering custom dice from chessex on the old forum and i was wondering if anyone knows if this is stil possible and of others are interested in a bulk order. Also how would shipping work with bulk deals?

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They said they can’t do GW logos anymore due to recent copyright issues.

Might look into diy but probably not.

One possible solution is to order rubber-like resin for my 3d printer and print molds to cast my own dice with. I can design those myself but 500gr of rubber-like resin is about 44 euro, and then I’d also need two component epoxy for the dice themselves.
I think this will look the nicest but probably be tricky and maybe unbalanced

Alternatively I could buy a bunch of blank dice and use my mini pcb mill to mill my own faces. But 50 dice times 6 faces is 300 milling jobs that can go horribly wrong on my cheap cnc mill…


Or… I save a lot of cash and just buy black/red marbled dice and call it a day!

Yeah, I’m afraid this is really a tough one. GW busted down in Chessex and it might be possible to do a CD-like logo (the anvil with flash) but doing it by hand is a major job.

Well, milling it would not be too bad i guess, load face 1, mill 50 dice, load face 2, …

But yeah, still a lot of work.

You can easily buy dice from aliexpress that have pips on all sides but one. Then you’d only have to machine one side.

The common way of making high quality custom dice is to get some nice resin masters 3D printed and then making molds from them directly for resin casting. Look up rybonator on Youtube.


I have watched his videos. great resource, thank you!

Is the reason you can not print molds that you can not post process the dice before mold making?

i feel like if i print a hi res flexible mold i should be able to cast dice in that without the need of much supports.

I think that a printed mold is just going to be far lower quality than making a regular rubber mold. You can get a really high tolerance with resin printing the masters, in comparison to flexible printing material used in an FDM printer.

Plus, molds wear out, and it is easy to make as many as you want from a single set of masters.

If you only want 10-20 dice then it might be easier to just get them printed with an SLA printer and then you’ll be done, but you are limited to a single color.

I meant flexible resin, not fdm.

Printed dice are fragile, the resin will get damaged. But true, I can print more as needed.

I didn’t realise that there was a resin for SLA printers that was flexible enough to make casting molds, so I guess this is outside of my knowledge area. I’m going to guess that maybe there are issues with being unable to cast normal resin in it, maybe they get stuck together too easily due to having similar bases - but that’s just a guess, I don’t really know.