Dedleds Bar Ungol Vanguard, GoldenHat XXXVIII

Again lovely work. They are going to look great as a unit


Thanks guys, yer if I’m feeling a project I can churn stuff out reasonably quickly, the problem is for the last 20 years of hobbying I’ve struggled to stick with a project through to completion.

Question to the discourse geniuses out there, Id like to insert a few empty comments at the top of the blog which I can update with finished units and lore, is there anyway to do this?


I had to salvage this guy a bit after the undercoat went on looking like a bit of sandpaper. But I got there and finished him off.

Bhaznarak Zhutan, Berserker Priest and right hand to Prophet Belzenath.

This guy uses the same parts as the last one, but has FW Goliath head which I made some mods to.

I’ll slow down on the update spam now I think and get a few more done before the next one. My box of Fyreslayer Chosen Axes arrived so I can finish the unit off.



He looks great. It is going to be such a cool unit.

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Really great sculpting. Full of character. These 1st 2 are prime physical specimens of chaos dwarf kind. Will you do a hunchback or maybe a comical really fat one?

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I might do a fatter one next, probably not comical though, despite the nudity I want them to be a gritty dark looking army.

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As said before, great sculpting… Its an original take for sure, but top notch work!


Haha yer, luckily its only 5 of these guys, then Ill move on to some more traditional clothed ones. In my lore that I’m working on, these guys will be the priests of Hashut that aid the prophet in worship and sacrifices, being so far geographically removed from Zharr Naggrund.

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Got some decent work done on the next 2, just some final details to add to one, and sculpting of the second ones shoulders.

I made a start on an entry to the Golden Hat as well, so hopefully I can bust that out and get it painted in time. Its a weird one for sure.




This blend of Oldhammer and more modern grimdark aesthetics is fantastic, not to mention the incredible quality & speed at which you are working. I’m going to closely watch this blog!


Haha, I love these! :heart_eyes:

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Just brilliant


Fantastic and bold work! Stellar quality all around. It all looks natural without flaw.

One thing I enjoy with sculpting Dwarfs of various kinds, is that a ball with beard and armour allows me to escape my shortcomings with sculpting anatomy, musculature and natural poses (said defects are the reason why only hobgoblin slavedrivers and slave orc heads were released from that attempt, and not a proper kit with orc bodies and heads). You clearly have no problem here, master sculptor. :beer:

A project log to savour indeed. Lovely background as well!

@Loidrial : 50 slaves on old CDO if you do not laugh at our skyclad kin. :tongue:


Love it! It’s great when story drives miniatures. Looking forward to hearing about your clan/ armies story. The dark nature adds realism for me. Sometimes warhammer Drives me nuts when races vie for “who’s the most evil”. Your guys have an agenda and I appreciate that.

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@Anzu Thanks mate, I’m glad that that comes across, the mix of the old look with a grimdark lens over the top.

@tjub @Uther.the.unhinged thanks heaps guys, very much appreciated.

@Admiral Thank you very much mate, coming from you that means alot, these guys more than anything were a chance to do something I hadn’t tried before, which was large amounts of defined muscle, which is surprisingly hard to make look natural. I completely agree though, being dwarfs it leaves a bit of room for error because of their odd proportions.

@Adrian Yer, Ive always been into the crafting side of the hobby rather than being a gamer, and I love coming up with some lore and building a conversion to fit.

I’ve made a radical decision and decided to change the skin tone on the dwarves to a more pale grey/brown kind of tone.

I impulsively painted over the ones Id done before putting too much thought into it.

This is the new colour, which definitely suits the lore I’m doing up for them a bit more, and also slots into that grimmer aesthetic I like.



Very cool.
I like the overall look very much. They actually have a more “realistic” look than the high fantasy models.

Would you please tell me your colour recipe for the skin and if you use a special technique to paint it?

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@Bessron thanks dude, were you after the pale skin or tanned recipe?

the pale skin of the last dwarf

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The new skin tone is looking good as well! A combination of your two first planned colour schemes?

@MichaelX , we summon thee!

@Dedled wrote:

Question to the discourse geniuses out there, Id like to insert a few empty comments at the top of the blog which I can update with finished units and lore, is there anyway to do this?