Discourse app

Hi All.

On my old phone i managed to get the chaos dwarf discourse app on my android but cant seem to work out how to get it anymore.? I seem to remember there was a link on the home page somwhere but cant find it now.

Any ideas?


Hey man, there’s no discourse app. The website is a progressive web app. Doesn’t matter if you don’t now what it is… but if you browse to the forum on your phone there is an “install this website” option

If there isn’t the webbrowser should suggest it after a while.

If that doesn’t happen either… send me a private message and we’ll sort it out!


Yes it suggested that before. Was just wondering when it would do so again. Will keep an eye out

Actually, there is a discourse app. Or at least there was… I used it to install CDO on my old android. After installing the app you can manually add webpages to be able to view them through the app. But the progressive web app is a lot simpler and preferable (but as @mr_hayward says: for me it asked for installation the first time I used it and I happened to deny it - after that it didn’t ask again so I used the discourse app instead).

Oh you’re right, there is an app for reading discourse forums. It does suck imo :blush:

You can manually force it


Yep, never said it was a good app, but it worked as a last resort. ^^ Good to know there are ways to force the installation in case I have to redo it. :slight_smile:

I assumed the icon i click on my phone was the app but apparently not, i guess i wouldn’t notice the difference…

That’s the point of pwa applications :blush:

It’s basically a shortcut to a website. It can run offline (somewhat) in a web browser. But it’s not an app designed for mobile operating systems.

Anyway. Tech stuff aside… discourse is great :stuck_out_tongue: