Email Issues Resolved... Permanently

I’ll risk fate’s cruel whims and state that the email issues should now be permanently fixed.

We’re no longer using a typical Web Host email service and are instead using to deliver our email. Mailgun is a dedicated email delivery service, so it shouldn’t ever fail. While the first few months are free, afterwards, the cost is $0.80 per 1000 emails sent, which seems reasonable.

Special thanks to our 2 Patrons, Justus Ackermann and Jac Bottjer, whose current contributions encouraged me to explore new, more expensive avenues for email delivery. They will easily pay for more than 6500 emails each month.

Also special thanks to @Zanko who also made a very generous contribution to the hosting coffers!

Praise Hashut!


Happy to help out dude :slight_smile:

Well done for solving the issue!!!

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Thanks a lot, Xander! I’d say that is a great use of patreon and other contributions.

6500 emails a month, phew, need to restrict ourselves there :wink:


For sure! You’d be surprised how many emails this software wants to send. We’ve disabled some things like Weekly Summary emails and things. Today, the software has already sent 62 emails. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Oxymandias Cheers! :smiley:


Wow, oh Ok, I really had no idea :flushed:

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You can all set your email preferences. I don’t need an email when i get a PM or mention, saves on emails and i use the “app” anyway.


Yeah same @MichaelX - I’ve got notifications on the app so emails would just be double notification.


Yeah I have everything disabled, notifications and emails. I stop by here every day anyway :21:


You guys make some good points. :slight_smile:

I’ve modified some default user settings to reduce automatic emailing.

If you wish to set your own preferences though, you are still welcome to do that, of course. :slight_smile: