Ewal Dvergar to get Old School Miniatures Kickstarter release

Spotted in Facebook today:

And @Clam has written on his blog here: Ewal Dvergar: State of nation explaining that he’s teaming up with Jamie at OSM to get these out to the masses.

How exciting! I’ve had my eye on so many ewal dvergar minis before. Could be a great chance to get hold of some. @Zoddtheimmortal @Sjoerdo , @Iceman and @Zanko and any other old school “helm” collectors will Probably get a kick out of these.

I’ll post Kickstarter link here if I see it first :)!


Like many here, I’m officially old, so I wouldn’t mind a brief instruction on how Kickstarter works.

Also, cool models! I hope this reaches the masses soon.


So I’m very basic terms someone has a product they want to sell but need guaranteed sales before they can produce it. So they say hey I’m making this thing and if 100 people agree to buy it it will go on sale. 100 people all say yeah I’ll spend the 20 pounds or whatever to buy this and then all the money gets sent to the maker and they make the thing.

Sometimes kickstarters exceed the target and add extra goodies and stuff to what they sells other times they fall short and it doesn’t get made. Every Kickstarter I’ve backed has been miniatures related and all have been a success. However just ask about dancing yak miniatures and a few dudes around here will tell you it doesn’t always come to fruition. That was a quite high profile chaos dwarf Kickstarter where people sent their money and never got their stuff. Not fun.

I’d say this is low risk tho. We know @Clam and we know Old school miniatures and know they are good eggs. Kickstarter helped get their John Pickford arsecannon released so they’ve got previous success.


This is very good news. I’m officially a Hattist but I’m sure I can find room for a few of these fine minis.


For sure im saving up for september. I have a bunch of these models from clam and they are great. You get lots of top helms that can fit on different bodies for the crossbow dwarves. I think this line will do very well ( just please dont be too dear for me!)


Also this is probably going to be low cost so if it did go belly up it’s not going to be a huge loss to individual backers.

Most of the Kickstarters I’ve backed have been a success, only had one* fall through and that put me off backing stuff for awhile until Admiralty Miniatures did Tjub’s tjubgobs.

*by an Italian company called Manorhouse Workshop - I highly advise avoiding them like the plague if you ever come across them.


Great to see! Good going, @Clam and John Pickford. Lovely miniatures! Best of luck. :hatoff:

As to KS in general, small limited Kickstarters for cast miniatures can be done in a safe way: Have all moulds finished and test cast. That way you can calculate hard numbers rather than estimating and guessing. That way you know everything works before rolling it out for people to back with their money.


That’s literally the best explanation of a new technology/business platform I’ve read. Seriously, why can’t all the how-to guides on the net just use plain English like this?


I’m all over this like a hungry hob gob with a plate of meats!


Oxymandias has a great way of making complicated things simple to understand. This I have found is usually the opposite with most explanations. Hats off to him and his ability to teach an old hob grot new tricks.


What do we most want to see added to clams range? Maybe as a form of stretch goals who knows! Answers on a postcard and send to old school miniatures :hob2:

More centaurs? Boar or pony?
Weapon teams?
Elite troop types?


He should become a teacher :sweat_smile::rofl:


Nah @MichaelX id be shit

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Excited to see what this holds. I could see myself making a unit to accompany my master of madness using this aesthetic. Another distinct infantry unit representing different band of pirate marauders.


Ha ha he should

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