Ex 40k (now TOW!) Slaanesh Warband

How do these old threads keep popping up as new threads… I’ve been on here daily for a year or so and it is the first time I’ve seen this thread…

@Oxymandias I forgot or supressed you have a slaaneshy warband… awsome! We have to chat a bit about these someday!

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I’ve recently been playing 40k secondEd using Slaanesh daemons from this old WOE project. Decided to branch out and start adding some 40k specific minis to it. Here are the some of my recent cultists plus some other random additions to this warband I never remembered to upload previously.


Lovely colours and painting. Wish i could paint like that

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Exact words I use for your work @Zoddtheimmortal !

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Some bottom of the bitz box renegade marines join the cause


i never could stand slaanesh, but i do like the general look this all have
i like the muted green rim on the bases too, ties well together with the pale skin and white from the snow
overall, great colour choice allround!

yet slaanesh still sucks, in every possible way lol

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Turning the pure daemon units into square bases!

Why? Because TOW!

They can still play old school 40k anyway cos nobody cares about bases there . But in rank n flank - this stuffs important!

Here’s the process:

Snip sides off of base. Stick on new base. Tuft and flock any missing spaces !

First rebased test minis:

Keeper of secrets. Daemon prince, some daemonettes and some seekers