Experimental feature

Hello all,

Discourse has added a new experimental menu. I have enabled it to see if we like it better then the old.

In a week or so i will make a poll to see if we like it or not.

Discourse has said this will be the default in the future.


It’s this feature for those interested.

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I love it a lot :eggplant: much better now to me, I always wanted to see Mainly the comments and replies more than the likes on pics
This is ace for me! :eggplant:

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Yes, i like it a lot too. And with the category shortcuts you can also navigate a lot quicker.

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Agreed, makes subcategory navigation much faster and allows for quick links to categories that are less often at the top of the main page like the image gallery. Also as I’m writing this I can see it pops up a draft flag to the right of “my posts” which is also a nice feature.