Fantasy Gaming Systems: The Big Poll

Hi everyone -

It’s that time again. We want to understand what rule systems are in active use by the CDO community.

Please vote for games systems that you have played and would like to play again.

We ask you please to not vote for game systems you own but haven’t played.

Similarly if you tried a game system once or a few times and thought it was dogshit decided it wasn’t for you, don’t vote for that system.

  • WHFB 1st-3rd
  • WHFB 4th-5th
  • WHFB 6th-7th
  • WHFB 8th
  • Warhammer Armies Project
  • Warhammer Renaissance
  • The Ninth Age
  • Kings of War
  • One Page Rules or derivatives
  • Warlords of Erehwon
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warmaster
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings
  • Runewars
  • Saga
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Some indie system that’s much cooler than mine
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NB: polls cannot be altered on Discourse, so please do feel free to specify anything not captured here below for the masses.


I’ve played and would play again:

  • 7th Ed Fantasy
  • The Ninth Age (T9A)
  • Age of Sigmar 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0

For me that’s

  • Kings of War 3rd Edition
  • Erehwon
  • 6th Ed Fantasy
  • 8th Ed Fantasy
  • Crucible (by Ral Partha, not listed)
  • Demonworld (by Ral Partha as well?)

WCE is not that indy and unknown. Less so than some of the listed.
Or is it supposed to be summarized under 6th/7th?
(Not sure how to vote now.)


If your system is absent but is a derivative of a specific edition, i would vote for the edition it was based on. I almost put Renaissance in the same bucket but they have 6000 people on their facebook so I didnt

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Idk, it is about as much a derivative of 6th/7th as WAP and T9A are related to 8th. Maybe WCE is a bit closer to its model in terms of base rules?

Also, never heard of Renaissance. Is it WAB in another setting?


It’s “90s warhammer” with balance changes. We think that means 4th/5th? I havent had a chance to read more about it.


Oh, hm.

Maybe it would be most consistent then to put the options like:

  • 4th/5th/Renaissance
  • 6th/7th/WCE

…but leave WAP and T9A separate because you have to distinguish between the two somehow.

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Whenever I hear about a fanmade system that is Warhammer with a few balance changes, it seems to have started out that way and has ended up as some weird monster of a system with ten times new unbalancing things.


It’s really interesting we haven’t had a vote for 3rd edition yet. Of course lots of votes to come but it’s interesting given the level of interest in the material.

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Two systems I tend to field Chaos Dwarfs in as well, though abscent from the list are Rangers of Shadow Deep / Frostgrave and Mordheim, both for that mostly solo gaming evening fun.

WarCry with the Horns of Hashut (because, who else ofc), so I voted Age of Sigmar for that purpose as I use the unit as an ally in a LoA list.

Often played but not on the list, and unfortunatly still no evil dwarfs in it, is Warhammer Underworlds for me.


Yeah i purposefully didnt put any of the gang level skirmish systems on there as there’s a 20 entity limit and we should clearly poll those separately next week I reckon.

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I played 3rd edition way back in the day, but only about 3-4 times…and when I tried it out (at the request of a friend) it was already the beginning era of 4th.
Honestly I can’t recall much of it, other than my friend using bits of his mom’s broken vacuum cleaner as terrain.


I’m pretty shocked that I’m the only person to list 3rd ed. I like 4th ed CDs, and I always liked hobgoblins, so they were a natural match.

However, without 3rd ed CDs…I don’t think I’d love them like I do. I’d have thought somebody would have tried putting together a CD list from 3rd ed… particularly how popular oldhammer is.


I have a copy of 3rd and the armies book, but I’ve never played it. I was hoping they would do a reprint like they did for Rogue Trader since my copies are so horribly mangled and missing a few of their original pages, but I guess there are a couple of sections that are outright racist (pygmies) and they have chosen not to reprint even by covering these up. A bit of artwork would do it easily.

I think you could cobble together a Chaos Dwarf army in 3rd by using Dwarfs as the base list, removing all the Dwarf-exclusive stuff and adding the the CD war machines and Hobgoblin Mercenary units. I guess it depends how Chaos-y you want it or more like the 4th ed style. I think I heard that someone had done it once.

Do you have specific systems in mind?
I have played several of the unofficial successor systems, so I’d be curious about how different yours must be.

I’m not even sure you need 3rd edition rule book. All the turn actions were printed in the back of warhammer armies. Basically, you needed a working knowledge of the rulebook and a print off, of the warhammer armies book.

3rd ed imo was 2.5 ed with the boxsets. Armies, was the finished product.

Also, you need a few pages…I’m more than happy to scan them for you.

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I have copies of the pages missing from the 3rd ed books, so I’m okay there (although I will check secondhand copies i buy in the future so I don’t make the same mistake again).

I found a couple of different 3rd Chaos Dwarf lists with a quick search, one of which is by Willmark. I’m not sure if having a CD list will make me more likely to try playing it though.

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Willmark goes back to the old times of the CD forums. Willmark’s work is really nice. They made a list for 4th/5th ed CDs to play in 3rd ed though.

I’d like to see a list for 3rd ed in 3rd ed. It’s something I’ve considered doing. However:

A. Looking at how unpopular 3rd ed appears, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.
B. I’m so rusty. I’ve not played any Warhammer in nearly 20 years…I don’t really know what I’m doing.

It’d be a nice project though, and I kinda have everything I want in my head.


I think 3rd is a pretty rudimentary game of stat vs stat, all told. There are definitely subcultures of people who play in the UK at least - like Bring Out Your Lead. I’m not totally convinced they’re having more fun just by virtue of playing 3rd, though.

What is the myth about 3ed being “true” Warhammer and later editions untrue?
Is it an aesthetics thing? Like, idk, the world being more wild and gritty and the miniatures looking alike? But then, 6th aesthetics is darker again. Is it still something about the game?
Then what?