Florian‘s 15mm Chaos Dwarfs

Good morning you son and daughters of vanquished people, fellow hobgoblins and praised Chaos Dwarf masters!

After a looooong hiatus, I have recommended painting. After moving from Berlin to Nienburg, my hobby time severely diminished for several years. Apart from managing several projects at work simultaneously (I’m a workaholic and love my job), working on my habilitation thesis and that goddamn Corona plague (why did the Government ignore my pleads to start building an altar to Nurgle in Berlin?), this was caused by a very happy event: the birth of my daughter Philippa Nimuë!
Well my little Chaos Dwarf princess has recently had her 4th birthday and I am having hobby time again that I can spend on painting thublings!

Now for a serious question: shall I use my old archived thread or rather start a new one here?

In any case, here is a poorly photographed overview of the current state of my CD forces.

Have been toying with several rules recently Mayhem (excellent, but I can’t access the army lists via battlescribe, damn), Of Armies and Hordes (excellent, will need to build a table with areas, though), Dragon Rampant (great, my current fave; doesn’t suit the artillery, though) and Kings of War (better than I thought and seems to be highly polished).

Has anyone a good source for getting KoW bases preferably with slots for my Tjublings on 0.01€ coins?

Praise Hashut!


Hi mate, the archive should (if i did it right) be read only to all but staff.

You are very welcome to make a new thread and link the old one in it so people can find your older stuff.

Also, very happy to have you back again!


Love to see some painted Tjublings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We got MDF-bases from Warbases though post Brexit Im sure you’d get them cheaper form within EU! Either get a bunch custom cut or maybe do yourself with a thin sheet of plastic card glue on top?

Oh, or ask a friend with a 3Dprinter of course! :idea1:


@ MichaelX: Thanks! I was still able to modify my old thread, but then I will just start a new one here.

@Tjub: Thanks for sculpting them. They are still some of my favorite 15mm models - even with many cool 3d prints. They have character and paint up well! The latter is something many (not all) 3d sculptors seem to forget…:wink:
Warbases was a good advice. I checked their site, it’s actually great. But with Brexit, I’ll see if I can find an etsy seller to make something similar. It’s gotten so expensive and time consuming to order stuff from the UK, I’m afraid :frowning:

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I successfully built myself a little ad hoc photostation. I might need a holder for my mobile and more light, but I am happy for the moment that the models can be seen okayish with the paper background, light from the right top plus flash.

Here are some of my Chaos Dwarf blunderbusses made by Tjub and sold by Admirality Miniatures.


And here are some of the axe-dwarfs. I haven’t found the time to do the shields. I’m not the greatest painter so I’m kinda afraid of freehands. Is there a good source for 15mm transfers that look proper chaotic and dwarfish?


Another unit of Chaos Dwarfs. This time with some elite models that can be used for the Magma Guard.


My small unit of Bullcentaurs and some CDs for size comparison. Nice models, but I need some more for a good sized unit both in Dragon Rampant and KoW.


And here is a selection of the faithful hobgoblin servant. Same problem with the shields here. :frowning:


What a beautiful force. I love Tjublings and you do them justice. Lovely

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Unless you have already found it, here’s my blog for 15mm KoW for some inspiration. IMO the scale is perfect for KoW. Still fun to paint, not too small, and easy to manage a game. :slight_smile:

With a one year old toddler at home my gaming other than Blood Bowl is pretty much at a pause for now, hence the lack of updates.

As for transferes Im sure you could find some out there depending on what’s your flavor. Demonworld had some amazing transferes for 15mm, but I haven’t be able to find them. But AFAIK it was a German game system so you might be luckier than me? :slight_smile:


@Uther.the.unhinged : Thank you! They are lovely little chaps with their eviö hats, aren’t they?

@tjub : Oh I can remember those days. Back from where we are now, it was really nice and our daughter so cute, but I do remember that the first year was a real struggle; it became significantly better after that, but then there was Corona and my break was much longer.
Enjoy your time. It will be over quickly.

Demonworld was actually invented in the city I grew up; a friend of mine lived in the same street as Werner Klocke.

Thing is: I really don’t know why ebay isn’t littered with second hand stuff! I’ve heard there is a hardcore community in France and northern Germany that still plays the game (it’s fairly good but needs gazillions of minis). Maybe they have hoarded all the stuff?

If I find something I‘ll let this forum know :slight_smile:

And something else: Blitzbowl is the friend of all fathers. It fast, its fun and you need less than half the models of a Bloodbowl team.

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What about doing the chaos discourse logo on the shields? I cant do freehand either but can manage that. Nice army

@Zoddtheimmortal : do you mean the eight arrows /star as invented by Michael Moorcock? I might be able to do that too, but there isn’t much space on the shields…

@Sagon_of_Akkad This one:

Beautiful army. If I were not so heavily invested in 28mm, I would transition to 15mm without a second thought.

A thought I had concerning your 1ct base problem: 1ct coins have a diameter of 6.4mm. Perhaps you could find a 6.5 or 7 mm drill bit and glue two thin MDF sheets ontop of each other, one drilled, the other one left as is. Would even be possible to sandwich a magnetic strip in between.


That’s actually a pretty good idea. I might thereby get some variation which a laser could not.
I’ve just double checked in the net:
1 € ct. seem to have a diameter of 16.25mm, 2 ct 18.75mm and 5ct. 21.25mm…so I need drill bits of 17-18mm, 19.5mm and maybe 22mm. Or am I thinking in a wrong way?

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@tjub a proud father xD

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@Sagon_of_Akkad Exactly. I think it’s sufficient to leave 0.75 - 1.0 mm space. Not sure if there are 19.5 mm bits, I would probably go directly for 20mm. Problem with the larger drill bits is that they become expensive quite quickly. So unless you have other potential uses for them, I would probably not buy them just to drill a handful of holes into thin MDF.

@Anzu : Great! I’ll be off to the DIY store asap :wink:

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