Followers of the Forbidden Scriptures of Dingir Nakart Zhinn

Similarly, in the members of a war engine there ought to be the greatest harmony in the symmetrical relations of the different parts to the general geometry of the whole, showing the accomplished mastership of the dwarf over machine and slave alike. Then again, in the dwarf body the central point is naturally the beard. For if a dwarf be placed flat on his back, with his arms extended in a straight line, and a pair of compasses centred at his lordly kept beard, the fingers and soles of his two hands and feet will touch the circumference of a circle described therefrom and the arms will form its diameter. And just as the dwarf body yields a circular outline, so too a triangle figure may be found from it. For if the dwarf, conversely, raises his hands to the height of the top of the head and stretches his legs to a straight line, and we measure the distance from the toes of the feet to the fingers of the hands, and then apply that measure to the breadth between the fingertips of both hands, both measures will be found to be the same, as in the case of a perfectly equilateral triangle.
Thus is the measure of all things the dwarf.

What the scriptures are about.

There once was a Dawi Zharr, one of those in possession of knowledge and magic, a High Priest of Hashut. As he was likewise in possession of wisdom, he was thinking about the place and nature of his people and their relationship to their saviour and souvereign, and he wrote down his theses.

Not everyone in the Great Conclave agreed with those scriptures’ contents. In fact, the predominant part and also the majority of members considered them to be to at least some degree blasphemous. They were speaking of servitude to Hashut, but also of opposition. They were speaking of pride in, but also of autonomy from gods. Speaking of tradition, but also scorning the ancestors. They were questioning so many things, many that were not to be questioned!

And so they became forbidden. Nakart Zhinn, such was their originator’s name, lost status in the Tower, two full ranks in the line of succession and his second biological arm, the one he had been using for writing blasphemy.

But he did not lose his conviction, nor his mind. One could assume he did, as he now is calling himself Dingir Nakart Zhinn, as a sign of his sought divinity, and is wasting his slaves’ working time by making them worship him. But he does so unhindered nonetheless, and the number and quality of engineers and daemonsmiths, but also of simple warrior-smiths joining his forges, prove that there inevitably is some merit to his scheme and perhaps even some truth to his ideas.

I was speaking about making an army thread/blog for weeks months now, but what are even years if world subjugation takes centuries to prepare.

The idea of me going into Chaos Dwarfs appeared last year when I was joking around with a notorious greenskin player of mine that of all the greenskins he had no hobgoblins (and some time later he actually got some AoS Dominion boxes for cheap), but to make the story complete, there was a need for the self-righteous assholes righteous overlords who would put down his imprudent revolt. So I thought, and now am on the way to building some.

Following this idea the army is supposed to be mostly greenskin-free, but not fully, as you can always* rely** on some Sneaky Gitz standing on the right side.
But as you can probably tell from the fluff pieces above, a devoted cult of holy warriors with many Bull Centaurs is also not the focus here (again, not fully excluding them), so we already can establish some priorities for the unit choices.

I should also add that we are mostly playing WCE***, as the rule set is in case of CDs a relevant info since there has been so long no full army list and consistent model range from GW that now, in the age of successor rule sets, they all differ to some extent in their available unit choices and interpretations.

*) see **
**) no, see *
***) see [1], [2], [3]


After comparing all available sources of the different units and designs, I decided for Russian Alternative for the regular troops, with their big hats for a distinctive CD design.
I do like the Forgeworld designs but they only cover war machines and Infernal Guard.

For character models, this one represents everything one could wish for for a colonialist prick, so it seemed just about right for the role of a Castellan:

His hat has been flattened above to make it less disproportionate, as important as the dwarf inside might deem himself.

Warriors with two-handed weapons have modified weapons but are mostly kept as intended:

Warriors with HW+S are still missing their custom shields, but the rest of them is converted from the “remastered” version of the 2HW warriors with their more delicate (comparatively) weapons:

There is also a unit with blunderbusses, which partly lost and partly got replaced the cumbersome bayonets of the original models:

Another unit becomes possible only with the help of a forum member from here, so many thanks again @Jasko for sending me the crossbows.

The base models are from LK but the scale doesn’t quite fit as explained in the other thread. My etsy seller is back in business again since recently, so I can order a unit of 30mm ones (instead of 28mm) soon.

For the three RA units I have a backup of a few more ranks each, so they won’t have to stay so small until the war ends.

A few war machines are new and not ready to be shown yet, outside of this thread where I actually changed an invisible details. Same goes for a unit of K’daai Fireborn.
For a K’daai Destroyer there exists an idea, not mine, that I intend to copy, but not in addition to all the other open projects.

Instead, there have been some experimentation for bases:

Not a single drop of paint shed yet.
Not for the reason of, but it seems not easy at all find a colour scheme that look neither totally unoriginal and uninspired nor out of place for CDs.


And in a separate post, for not disregarding important cultural features, we have the loyal greenskins.

As they are supposed to be Sneaky Gits, they had to be converted from HW+S to dual HW, and they also got a custom command unit.

This one is just glued together as intended, but still:

The Khan on wolf is a little lonely yet as I didn’t find any wolf riders out there that I acually liked (I gladly take recommendations!). I don’t quite think that he can be reasonably fielded alone, game-wise, but I could try.

(That’s about what I’ve got to show for now.)


What a great army! I particularly like the hobgoblin banner! They are going to look great on the table.


Amazing conversions

Although never heard the words loyal and greenskin together before haha

Looking forward to this blog unfolding!



Nice collection

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They say the are!
And the other ones evidently are not.

Anyway, currently I am still trying to glue together the Magma Cannon and make everything fit.
And there is a decision to make.
In WCE, if a war machine loses wounds, you are supposed to remove crew members and their number is the number of its wounds. Of course you could just use markers and in the rare case it is needed subtract the close combat attacks of the dead crew members.
Now, it is still time to magnetize the dwarfs instead of glueing them in place. But it is rather crowded up there on the platform and the magnets would damage the diamond pattern of the floor, so it won’t look perfect with drew removed.

Should I do it or not?

Until then, look what I have done:

I’m not satisfied.
Holding such a heavy drop makes it look like a very sticky, viscous fluid, not like something like magma.
Do you agree that I should redo it?


Honestly - yes, it doesn’t look really good.

I’m also always torn between having sculpted lava dropping out or so, but in the end more often than not it looks, how should I put it, something you’d see in a Slaanesh army, if you know what I mean. Or at least Nurgle.

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Giant cartoony slimy drops of “poison” as big as the assassin”s hand, is what comes to my mind. ^^

The cannon had some casting residue on the place where the drop goes, so I decided to make something out of it instead of removing.


As @Jasko has pointed out, it uh, looks more slaanesh than magma.
Perhaps steam coming out of some vents would be a better effect?


No artificial flames and smoke, it mostly looks bad. ^^

The old version is long since removes, here is the second try:

I like it more, it looks like at least something and less cartoony, but maybe it is overall to big.
Or what do you think?


Concerning the Magma Cannon, I think I’ll still change this part one more time.
Usually, when working with GS/BS/MS I don’t have to redo the result as often and as much, but with this PVA and cotton experiment the result changes a lot while drying.

Anyway, until then, a teaser from the (maybe) next thing:

Maybe someone recognizes the parts and even knows what the change is for. ^^


Meanwhile, one last change on the lava drop, this time with (somewhat) proper modelling putty,

And the gap on top looks like this now:

I decided that nothing but more pipes would fit the CDs’ technological level, so I just had to add a bit thicker pipe parts.
Also, don’t ask why Milliput, I thought I could use its properties for the lava surface.

I’ll declare the Magma Cannon finished (building, apart from the base, as everything else) now.


Oh well, I think I need some help with the above “teasered” model.
It is, again, a construction logic question. Or two.

Usually, you see there a step or maybe it is supposed to be some kind of grenade lift on the side:


With or, less often, without the grenade on the step.
Once I also found this built with the step (for lack of a better description) raised:



for some reason on the other (right) side.
You can also build it raised on the same, left, side, where the part usually fits.
But I still don’t know how it is supposed to work! Are those handles on the sides? Is it the ogre who can use them (because a dwarf clearly wouldn’t)? I don’t even know where to start explaining!

The other question concerns this part:



with a chain ending in nothing. Why?
If it is for pulling on it to make the signal thingy make a signal, shouldn’t it at least have a handle or be a bit longer?

(Edit: Ah, now the spoiler work! Thx @ below.)

That’s a steam whistle. That chain pulls the valve for the whistle to sound. Normally there isn’t anything on the bottom like a toggle usually just a chain


Yes it can. ^^ Use the cog wheel menu to choose “Hide details”.

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Alright. But then the chain is simply too short. See:



Going back to the first question, the step part raised would look like this:

  1. The questions from the previous post stay, but if no one can explain the lowered position from the official posts, does it look like it would make more sense?

  2. What is this thing even for?

  3. The grenades don’t look at all like they would stay in place when the wagon moves, they only loosely on this… groove, or whatever you would call it. What is the idea there, do you think?

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The Thing (1) is for loading the mortar shells. Some menials, probably 3-4 Hobgoblins, put one on it in the lowered position, then it is raised until it is level with this grove (3) and the shells can roll onto. Shells are supposed to be pretty heavy (hence the ogre), I think they would sit rather secure just by merit of their own weight. Less sure about that thing (2)

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My completely uneducated guess: (2) is simply a platform for being able to move around the shells to the back of the wagon (for decoupling the wagon from a train etc.).

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