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Finishing almost-unfinished projects:

What would you say,
the poles on the upper end too long, too short?
On the lower end too short?
Good as they are?

(They are already glued and I’d rather not change them, but in case I should I’d better do it now when there is still one left than later.)


The length of the weapons are good, but the hammer heads are too small in my opinion. Apart from that, great conversions again.


I agree with this assessment, I’d literally just whack another, bigger hammer head on top of the ones that are already there for double pounding action


Why though, too small for what?
I got a similar comment from my greenskin player, but when regarding fantasy larp weapons on the one hand and real historic weapons on the other, he dismissed both, one as fantasy nonsense, the other for looking too different from miniatures anyway.
So where comes the expectation of bigger hammer heads?

So far we had two versions:
One is that from the usual dwarf and greenskin aesthetics people are used to everything being short and big and expect car-sized hammer heads when they see miniatures, while you probably wouldn’t say so about his hammer:

Alarith image

and the Lumineth Stoneguard’s hammers even look much too big for their tiny elven hands:

Stoneguard image

The other explanation would be connected to the poles‘ thickness, dictated by the hand sculpts, but perhaps looking out of size with the hammer heads.

The goal I had for the bull centaur was indeed smaller hammer heads on longer poles, what mechanically makes sense but somehow contradicts people’s first expectations when being looked at.

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Looking at it again with fresh eyes, I do think you achieve what you’re going for. and my apologies for being so blunt before - they do look fantastic! And I’m sorry for forgetting to say so before.

I do think the effect could be enhanced by lengthening the pole ever so slightly or increasing the size of the hammer heads, but as it is now is still excellent.

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Your argumentation is of course conclusive, but I was only concerned with my aesthetic perception, and this is totally subjective. And that’s why I still find the hammerheads a bit too small, even if physics and logic of course agree with you. Besides, you wanted to hear my (well, maybe not mine, but the forum’s) opinion! :smiley:

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Of course you don’t have to apologize for having an opinion, especially after being asked for such but not only, nor for changing it! ^^
(You can even find things actively bad and I’ll be just as thankful for the input!)

Originally the poles were even shorter, under the influence of aforementioned greenskin player (I’ll just blame him as he is not reading here anyway):

(sketch photo from planning the parts according to the model’s expression)

When putting together the models, I noticed that the result was not at all what I was having in mind and let the poles end somewhere inside the hands and added the lower end to prolong the whole thing. I probably agree that having them longer could be more in line with the more heroic look of many models where weapons are at least somewhat to unwieldy (one way or another) to realistically use them. Theoretically I could still cut and prolong the lower end a bit, but I’d have to be convinced that it would be enough of an improvement at this point.