Followers of the Forbidden Scriptures of Dingir Nakart Zhinn

Thank you all! ^^

Yes, Forgeworld’s aesthetic we know from LoA is what this project is aiming for.
And I’d argue that the design part is the bigger one compared to sculpting. Sculpting takes some time, too, but it is always as good as you have learned it at the given state, it’s a craft and not an art.

For the musculature, if you try studying what body builders and heavy athletes would realistically have, you come to the conclusion that GW is giving their orcs fantasy muscles consisting of impressive bumps and that it is rather difficult to make them less “realistic” by adding more bumps of the same style.

On the body that was copied from the above musician’s (to use this context for showing the most current changes), since it got different arm positioning for holding the two-handed war hammer (I’ll show later), I tried adjusting the back muscles accordingly.

Before muscles:

After muscles (and with bull torso):

I’m quite happy with the shoulder parts, and that I barely had to repair any of the chains, but I don’t think what I did on the back mattered much.


So, a few weeks ago I got another bunch of crossbows from @Jasko (thx again!), those without having a hand modeled on the grip and supposed to be held in the left hand (for reloading or sth.) probably for the back row models.

Here are ten (I probably won’t add more) already with strings pinned:


Comes out: While in the old KS with the resin casts they are from the weapons and left hands were separate (for choosing the weapon – that’s why people had the alternative weapons left over), the modern STLs have in both positions the respective hand/arm on the weapon. Whatever left hands I got from my etsy seller, they weren’t correct for this purpose.

Fortunately, Jasko had two of the appropriate arms in the set.
Which could be multiplied with some work.

I decided to do the hands and arms separately, then first fit the hands on the crossbows, the arms on the bodies, and only then pin them together. Didn’t trust all the angles to come out just right on their own, at least after mixing in a few different (copied) arms and hands for diversity.

Assembled models will follow when assembled without further complications. Otherwise after solving those, unless I switch to another unit as usual. ^^


I also made more of these cuties, because the crossbowdwarfs were the ones to carry them:


Always good to see unused bits finding good use somewhere!
Unfortunate with that changed hands, but nice that you could remedy that


Oh well. Here some 2½ assembled dwarfs.

For the rest, I’m re-doing the hands or crossbows for the second time in some cases. I mean, sure, you can just glue them in place and make the dwarfs indecisively hold their weapons without implying any story about how they would be loading them or what they are even waiting for.
But for loading, well… I hope I found out now how they could look at least somewhat credible.
You’ll see later.


The chaos dwarves with the huge crossbows already look very awesome! I would never have tried to use such large crossbows, great idea! :hatoff:


That’s really cool! Came out great

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I think they are just the intended size, they are from the (supposedly 28mm) resin cast Kickstarter after all.

In the end, it took some evenings.
I tried the above and did find a position with the static dwarf bodies that still makes sense and tells what they do with their crossbows when not shooting, but the parts were not very inclined to fit by their own. ^^
Anyway, this is what they looked like ~a week ago:

The front bit of the musician’s horn then was difficult to decide upon again, but judge by yourself:

Why only a musician and what rules system requires him as the only command model?
I just remembered rather late in the process that having a few more command models would do no harm, while anyone looking a bit more individualistic can be a champion and a held standard would require a hands at all times (the model already was holding a crossbow).


Really liking your work on the crossbow units and bull centaurs. Going to be stunning units when those are finished!

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At least they are finished building now and put in a box. ^^
There ist still left unfinished bull centaurs, some command models for the infantry, warriors with shields, and then custom war machines that already have plans and sketches but I’m avoiding starting them. I’ll have to see at what point I’ll need to paint a few models for a change.


So, bull centaurs.
They needed some individual details and I finally managed to decide which one of the chaos knight torsos looks best with what. They are, as you see, from very different sources (or custom made), but by now I’m quite sure about the choices.

Some of them are already applied, I’ll show later.


I actually managed to stay on one task, despite repeating sculpting of the very same part, and now the bull halfs of the remaining five BCs are almost done:

The heads and weapons also are long since prepared and assigned and it only needs more sculpting and glueing.

(I was considering sculpting an all-green infantry regiment in 5 different parts each for scanning and printing one day, but I might reconsider.)


From time to time I look at all the future war machine bits and put them away without having made new decisions.
This time I stuck together the RA cannon (with no glue and no bits) and put it next to the FW magma cannon for comparison:

I know, comparing with RA has no broader practical use at the moment, but the specific models do have relevance for the project.

They are similarly wide, but the FW one is obviously much taller and longer.
The RA model can be built with a nicely thought-out death shrieker option, clearly inspired but its fluff description, but I’m not sure why they decided to do a normal non-magma cannon as an alternative option for CDs – do they have one in any game system at all?

Anyway, no idea what to do with this pet chassis for a war machine yet. Got it just in case, because it looked rather similar in design to the FW ones and with even more technical thought behind it, but size-wise and aesthetically it is still different enough to not just be another copy of the same unit there is already an FW copy of.

The cheapest war machine I see in the WCE list is the rocket launcher, but I have already prepared parts for a bigger one and of different construction. A (counts as) whirlwind/tenderizer model would need a different chassis es well, not one of cannon. A mortar, that is rather written with the 4th ed model in mind, could be a candidate, but this way I’ll never come to use the big FW thing unless when playing it a (CC capable…) Hellcannon.
WAP has some kind of a handheld or hand-pulled mortar on a square monster base, but this I’d imagine even smaller and visible hand-pulled.

So… maybe making this a death shrieker RL with only minor changes compared to the intended design (different wheels and stuff) after all, or using the parts as parts of a larger construction?


The bull centaurs are several steps further and still need a few. I don’t have all of them at hand (was at a friend’s when sculpting the last time and left them to dry there), but here the two command models from the front:

They are now all on the same level, have hands and bears, and the backs and tails are still tbd.
We can have opinions on the beards now. Are they too thin or something?


In my opinion, the beards could do with a bit more volume. :wink:



Well, I wanted to post a little making-of of the GH-XLI entry, but I don’t have that many pictures of the intermediate states of the miniature.
There also isn’t that much to tell. If you remember, I was speaking of going “maximally unambitious”, which meant, no conversion that would still to be finished, and in this case not even a conversion at all but a pure out-of-the-box model. Despite not being a fan of RA’s early hobgoblins, it’s the opposite for this one and I wouldn’t even know what to change if I wanted to (and I did consider it).

I tried working with different colour moods (it’s a word, I looked it up!) for the sunny side (light direction) and the opposite, earth directed side. But it was kind of difficult to find the defining criteria for both since both the warm sun and the ochre earth are rather warm colours and the overall difference would be rather subtle. Not knowing to what extent it would influence the final result, I still chose brown and purple as the accent in the respective directions:

I did the metallics (mainly brass) in acrylics – I like some of the Tamiya colours for this purpose – and changed after a few more base colours rather early to oils. It happens easily that one almost paints the miniature before switching and has to more or less do it again with the new medium.
I was curious to paint some green skin for the first time at all in ever:

One problem was that the paint I used too green while I intended a yellowish result. I heard of the advice for making skin look more real to apply several layers of translucent paints. No idea if it works for oils as well, but the glazing sort of paints were very… hesitant in modifying the tone and I could have all the layers if I wanted, not so say many more, so had to mix in some opaque white.
Also, the colour of the hat was something that changed several times, but resembled photos of reddish leather in the end, so it stayed like this.
Tried working with mixing in complementary colours for the shadows, but they become very stark this way, too much for creating the illusion of diffuse light and matte, slightly translucent surfaces.

Fast forward, you know the result from the GH but here are some bigger pictures. I lent the camera from a friend who had an okayish one (mine is straight-out bad), but it still doesn’t catch subtle and often even less subtle accents. The “cornyness” I probably could have tried reducing if I found a sharpness option, but didn’t.

from the Sneaky Gits

The name is Khan Dvorak Lazylegs.
I’m very sure, if you asked him, he considers himself at least as legendary as any of the dwarfs in the Legendary Lords themed GH.
What I have not finally decided is whether he should belong to the Sneaky Gits clan (as by the original idea) or if the wolf riders should have their own clan that is just as treacherous as to turn loyal to the CDs in case of rebelling greenskins they could betray.
Sneaky Gits are known for one specific unit type, but they are also called a clan, so I’d imagine they have different ones. Or does a Khan always have its own?


I loved this kuanor, i had a soft spot for the model, but i could tell you used oil paints to make a really characterful entry. What i really liked was the stripes on the wolfs legs. Got my vote anyway!



I too loved this. The model is amazing and your painting brought out all the character. I had to vote for it. Fantastic work.


Really enjoyed this entry, top notch work!


This was one of my votes. i just couldn’t go past the easy, nonchalant arrogance of him.

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