Fool-Proof Chaos Dwarf tactics guaranteed to work!

The 1st thing to remember is slaves are very important, you must pay close attention to these gitz, make sure they are whipped daily or in the case of Black Orcs, 3 times per day. It is vital that your slaves respect you and what better way to teach them this than to beat it into them!

War-beasts are also rather high maintenance if you do not want them turning around and eating your general but beatings may be a little hazardous to your health, instead I recommend bribery, slaves are great for creating a symbioses between your slaves and beasts… Slave gets unruly, slave gets fed to beast… beast is happily fed and an example has been set to the rest of your slaves.

War machines are fairly simple, it’s all a matter of quality parts, choose what demons you choose to bind to your machines carefully!! If your going to add fairy ass slaanesh demon to your cannons your going to get fairy results! If you want reliability it might not be wise to use lords of change who are just going to mess with your work, changing this and that because they think they know best! Pfft!
If you want a blood thirsty war machine what better ingredient to add then a handful of bloodthirster souls! Just be careful to keep your hands clear of any moving parts or they may be eaten. Great unclean ones can be used for binding in a pinch but beware they can be a bit on the nose, stinky blighters!

For your loyal Chaos Dwarf kin just be sure to armour them up in your finest blackshard and weaponry, let them know who is boss by showing off your extraordinary skills of leadership as described in the first 3 paragraphs, public beatings, showing off with how many slaves you own and having a well endowed hat can also help!

Last but not least, never show your enemies any mercy as this will show you to be weak and you will like be stripped of your rather large hat, your throne and likely publicly beaten to death.


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