Four Weeks To Finish - Speedpainting for Saga

Welcome! This will be a slapdash blog chronicling my attempt to paint 8 points of Age of Crusades Polish for my first ever Saga tournament (and first ever tabletop tournament of any kind!) in just 4 weeks! For those unfamiliar with Saga this will be 62 models. Technically 8 of them are optional but I think I’d be at a noticable disadvantage in a couple of the scenarios without them.

The models arrived a while back and I’ve only just completed there assembly, and boy did it remind why how much I hate the process lol. I chose Fireforge for price, plastics, and availability but my heart will always be with monopose metal. Unbeknownst to be the mounted troops were actually resin too, which probably doubled the time it took to finish assembly. I also ended up using Russians because finding Polish sculpts for that time period was near impossible :sob:

Progress so far - from this

To this!

Primed them up yesterday, tonight I start the painting! I’ll be using @Oxymandias 's method as outlined here and really putting it’s promise of speed to the test! :laughing:

Za Polskę!


Look Forward to seeing these mate!!!


A fellow fireforge enjoyer! I too am a Medieval Russian Infantry guy. The byzantine range is also a highlight


@chitzkoi yeah they’re good for the price, I used some of their Sudanese for another warband too.

Day 1’s progress

Metals done for 32 infantry. Fast enough? We’ll see…


holy fuck that’s an absurd amount of model that will require for me something like 5/6 years before complete with my pace ahuahuhuahua

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Where do we sit one week in? Not as far as I’d hoped! Doesn’t it always happen that life gets busy as soon as you need the free time?

Done with metals, leathers, and just over half done with woods. Certainly still able to finish in time, but do need to buckle down a bit harder.

@Oxymandias given they’re Polish I won’t be able to get away without some red. Which do you find hold up the best?

Streaking grime red:

Blood angels red
Then brightened up with a layer of evil sunz scarlett, avoiding recesses
Then aggressively highlighted with trollslayer orange

As always - make it brighter than you want it to be :slight_smile:


He did not buckle down.

While progress did move fast I still struggled to wrap things up in time. The last two weeks were a mad dash made worse by coming down with a stomach bug that took me out of action for two whole days!

As the last week approached I realized I was not going to be able to complete everything as originally planned. While I liked my first test model with streaking grime having to dab the grime off each model was going to take too long (I was cutting it that close) so I went and grabbed a can of Army Painter’s quickshade for the dip method. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to put a test model through it beforehand so when it started coming out really dark and thick at midnight the night before leaving I panicked and switched to Nuln Oil. With the shade out of the way I was able to finish basing in the hotel room :laughing:

Here’s an example of how each method came out: Streaking Grime → Quickshade → Nuln Oil

The streaking grime look is really solid. It’s greenish tint makes me want to use this for some Turnip28 or Trench Crusade when I get a chance to try those. I can also tell there’s an art to the process and running through 50 some odd models would have taught me a lot.

I probably could have stuck with the quickshade and been happy enough, but with a 24-48 hour dry time I just couldn’t bet on it turning out right. The instructions make it sound like you literally just dip and shake, but the reality is you’d actually have to shake so hard you’d make a terrible mess so I ended up either dipping and brushing off or just brushing it on to begin with. It’s also a very glossy finish.

This is actually my largest application of Nuln Oil. It was a fine substitute in the end and worked well with the white.

A few shots of the army!

As for the actual tournament, it was an absolute joy. I’ve never participated in a tournament of any kind before and it was so much better than I expected, largely due to the game choice I imagine. Historicals are known for an older, more laid back crowd and, while everyone brought their A game, they were really there to just have a good time. The pacing of the tournament was also fantastic. I expected to be totally worn out after 5 games in 2 days (2.5 hour rounds) but found that I was still quite peppy afterwards and not burned out at all.

I ended up coming out 5th overall, however if you exclude extracurricular points (earned outside gameplay) I actually tied for second! A very unexpected result, but one I was obviously happy with. The Polish are a much stronger faction in Age Of Crusades than their reputation gives them.

One result of this whole experience has been a surprising feeling of… contentment? I’ve got no drive to paint or squeeze a game in right now, but not in a burned out sort of way. More of an afterglow. Since coming back I’ve spent my evenings reading or studying. My interest in TOW, having ebbed and flowed in the lead-up, has waned a bit and given I’m going to be out of the country for a month I haven’t fought it. My last trip to Japan resulted in both Houses And Hats and my Scribes win so I’m looking forward to letting my creative juices flow again. On the docket this year is a board game concept, cleaning up my WHFB edition comparison (and maybe adding TOW to it), and maybe some work on an rpg setting. Or maybe something else entirely will take my fancy!

Thanks for following my first Off Topic Blog!