Freakshow's Offerings to Hashut

Hello, and Praise be to the Bull God!

I recently joined the forum and thought I’d share the beginnings of my Chaos Dwarf force. Not much yet, but I’ll be adding bits and pieces as and when I can.

Sorceror Lord.


Hobgoblin Hero and slave taskmasters.

Group Shot - smile boys!

Thanks for looking.


Oh, great start!
Is that Mantic goblins? If it is, how do they scale up to a dwarf or human? :slight_smile:

Yes, good eye, they’re the KOW Vanguard goblin booster set. They’re a little shorter than humans, about the size I remember GW hobgoblins being.


Looking good, great painting and bases! I especially like the goblins, they’re cool minis and your paintjob fits them perfectly.

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Thank you very much, glad you like them.

The Lava looks hot, the rocks blackened, the (Hob)Goblins ugly and the Dawi Zharr suitably intimidating.

Nailed It.


Great work on those Forgeworld minis, I like multiple colours on the dragon scale armour section, subtle conversion too with the weapon?


Thank you both for your kind words.

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Indeed, lovely stuff

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Just a little update, a bit of muscle for my warband:


This is an absolute beast of a mini, very well done :+1:t2:

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Thanks, it was a joy to paint, really nice mini with a lot of different textures on it.

Looks great, would be cool to see some more comparisons between the Mantic and GW models.
Btw, what rules are you using?

Thanks Tjub, I’ll put some group shots up soon.
I don’t actually play, I just love to collect and paint , so I just get whatever I think is cool and try to put together a cohesive force. It’s why Chaos Dwarfs are so perfect, we’ll enslave literally anything!

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V Nice painting on your little war band. Id also be interested to see the size comparison of your new mantic goblins against older models i know/recognise.

As promised, comparison pic for the Mantic Gobbos with some GW Night goblins.

The unpainted, unconverted goblin in the middle is the best comparison, as his base has a single layer of cork, same as the Mantic guys, the two painted goblins are on a double layer.

As you see, the Mantic goblins are a lot taller than their GW cousin, which is why I use them as proxy hobgoblins.

Hope this helps. Let me know if any other comparisons would be useful.


Excellent start! Great work.

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Thanks, they look great as Hobgoblins! :+1:

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Oooooohhhhh this guy looks badass!!!


Thanks, it really is a beautiful mini, loads of fun to paint.