Freakshow's Offerings to Hashut

Reallllllly nice painting! And that guy is a LOT of extra muscle :stuck_out_tongue: what are you using him as?

Prefect proxies for hobgobs too.

Are these starting as a Skirmish/Mordheim/Warcry warband as you build up to an army?

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Thanks for the compliment.
I haven’t played for years, so I guess I really just use him as a cool model I wanted to paint :joy:
They’re about Warband sized at the moment, but I’ve added the siege giant/tower I built for the artisans contest and I’m finishing off a bunch of black orcs, slave goblins, a mercenary ogre, RA blunderbusses and a scratch-built cannon (should have pics soon), so I guess they’re about to grow into small army territory.


You’re very welcome. Are you just not into the gaming side these days or no opponents or?

Sounds like an excellent start to an exciting army and I’m eager to see more :slight_smile:

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I stopped playing Warhammer fantasy about 20 years ago when I got frustrated by the fact that ranking models up meant that they all ended up in more-or-less the same pose. They brought out a new edition that focused on horde units and the prospect of having to paint 30+ of the same model broke me. I remember sitting there painting a unit of 30 dwarfs, all in the same pose like they were some kind of medieval dance troupe, and thinking “This isn’t a hobby anymore, this is a factory production line.” So I just stopped.
My focus switched to 40k, until tournaments became a thing and everyone I knew stopped playing casual, narrative games and started to just try to find the most over-powered combination of rules for competitive play.
Now I just find models I like, put them together and paint them. If I want to paint 5 goblin archers, I paint 5 goblin archers, they’d be no use on a battlefield, but that’s no longer my concern :grin:


Greetings Friends

Apologies for my recent inactivity, it’s been a torrid few months with medical issues for my wife and I and other real-life nonsense getting in the way of the important work of hobby.
I’m back up and running now and looking forward to catching up on all I’ve missed.


Hey @Freakshow668 welcome back dude.

Hope all is well. Sounds intense. And yeah real life all to often gets in the way of our true reason for being of earth…the hobby.

Glad you’re back and ready to get amongst it! :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:


Painted a hero for my growing warband.


A bit of a WIP on my Hobgoblins. I got a set of 20 from ebay and thought I’d see what I can do with them. So far I’ve cobbled together 10 warriors using hand weapons and shields from my bits box and 10 sneaky gits.

Sneaky Gits:

My ham-fisted greenstuffing aside, these were quite straight forward to do and fairly effective, I think. A competent sculptor could do wonders with these.
Also had enough bit left over for a hero:

Still loads of bits left on the sprues, so I might be able to knock up another hero or somesuch, or at least a pile of corpses or something.


Nice! I like the weapon swaps and shields particularly.
I might have to copy that for some of mine :smiley:


Thanks, they do look good with hand weapons and shields, these are all from the old GW skeleton sprue.

Looking forward to seeing these painted up, particularly the clothed conversions!

The sword seem a bit large for their spindly arms… bit with their short legs they have a low center of mass… so I say… good job sir

I thought the same, they are definitely “heroic scale” weapons, certainly compared to the swords and daggers they come with. Alas my bits box is almost entirely 40k stuff, so my choices were a bit limited.
I’m hoping the paint job will even things out a bit and make the swords less noticeable. Only time will tell.

Mounted my favourite Warlord onto his new Lammasu.


Oh my!! The face on that Lammasu… a face only a mother (or CDO member) could love! :hatoff: :beer:


It’s an awesome model, except for the feet. Hate the feet. He has hippo feet at the front, they look bad.


Love this combo of rider and steed. The way he’s standing and pointing from its back. So cool.


That face is beautiful, and the paint job suits it so well!

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Thanks guys.
@Oxymandias : I wasn’t sure about having him just stood on the back, but I didn’t want to start hacking away at what is one of my favourite minis to get him sitting and I reckon a heavily armoured dwarf has a low enough centre of gravity to get away with it, lol.


You can just say he’s started the change to stone, and rivets himself in place for the duration of the battle.