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Hello all,
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my old CDO army blog, and honestly I’m still trying to get the hang of this new fangled Dwarvish technology…so please bear with this old Hobgoblin.
I’m starting off with posting some old pics (testing the rusty dagger in the back, as we say)…


Classics! Welcome to the future :grimacing:


Inspiring work! Lava dispenser and the boat especially

That rusty knife looks sharp to me! Still love the ICDR (intercontinental death rocket).

Thank you gentlemen, for awhile I’m going to add some old pics, experiment with this software (I’m old fashioned, I prefer paperback books and telling people to Get the hell off of my lawn) and eventually make some new miniatures. After moving here to Thailand for retirement, there’s still a shoe box of Warhammer and Kings of War stuff, sitting on my shelf of shame (otherwise known as backlogged projects)

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Great miniatures and paintjobs! I think my personal favourite so far is that cannon with the magma-filled ammunition. It has something of a ww1-vibe to it while still feeling essentially old-school. And I admit, your having a „shelf of shame“ makes me feel a little better about my own :smile:

I see a curious absence of hobgoblins thus far; not even Fuggit himself has shown his face.


As I’ve said on the old site, great work Fuggit; excellent paint jobs and conversion work. :slight_smile:

Hello Fuggit, very nice to see lots of known (and new) faces here on the new forum and some great hobby work.

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It is always a feast for the eyes to be able to admire your smart and magnificently painted models!


Love your conversions. That ship is wonderful, and the hobgobs carrying the massive rocket has been one of my favorites for a long time! :clap:

So much goodness here !!! Love the classic stuff and your own conversions and sculpts. Really gorgeous bright colour scheme too.

I’ve just purchased a banner bearer from @Admiral ‘s store which I believe you sculpted. Can’t wait to paint him. I never got the bazooka guys but if they ever come back will snap em up.

Thank you gentlemen, the biggest source of inspiration for me to build stuff has always been all of you and your positive comments.
Very much appreciated
(insert Hats off logo here)
And thank you very much for purchasing the banner bearer, yep, I sculpted him. It was actually feedback from many people on CDO who encouraged me to make the standard bearer (and a bit of friendly prompting from our dear Admiral), so that sculpt is proof that I listen to what all of you say (I even occasionally listen to you mask heretics) :wink:
And the battlebarge death rocket is here with me in Thailand. Which in itself is a story, since airport authorities twice wanted to examine the rocket when it showed up in the luggage X-ray.


Great stuff! Please go on making such excellent miniatures. I also got a package with some of these goodies from Admiralty some weeks ago… here’s hoping I can get some colour onto them soon! Sincerely, a person not entirely innocent of mask-heresy :grin:

Hilarious! :upside_down_face: Tiny plastic Chaos Dwarf munitions replicas must be disarmed before transfer across borders :crazy_face:


It’s an ICBM, he could’ve just fired it at Thailand to get it there if needs be.


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I have to push this upwards as a reference :slight_smile:


Well gentlemen,
Da Khan abides.
I know that I haven’t posted anything new lately, I’ve been busy working on models for my collection of Japanese sci-fi spaceships…and I have to admit that playing Fallout 4 on the “Survival” difficulty level is a time vacuum.
But Da Khan hasn’t forgotten about the Big Hats…and I have worked a bit on some basic “starter” sculpts.
So I’d like to share a bit…a couple of basic bodies started, and I intend to make a flame thrower team. I already have a concept idea for a uniquely vintage 4th edition style flamethrower itself, the crew is still a work in progress.
Also, even though I don’t play Blood bowl, a friend back in the US asked me to make a football that resembles a rocket for him.
You can see the obvious Fallout 4 Nuka Cola influence on my sculpt.
And lastly, completely off topic, but a pic of a Yamato 2199 space carrier that I completed…proof that I’m getting hobby stuff done.


This is exciting! :smiley:

Damn your Green Stuff work is clean :o Wish I had your patience :smiley:


Good starts. Look forward to seeing the final results. Nice space carrier. I need to do some work on my ships too!