Greebo new Blood Bowl team

Well well well, so, not only Punga miniatures, but even Greebo is back at it!
My other Italian fella from Florence is making a new Kickstarter, probably to replace his old CD team

This is what we have so far, announced ok FB and Instagram, let’s see where this will go
I talked to him and he told me the models will be only physical, no STL

Kickstarter link


Just saw the announcement on Twitter and asked if and when a new Kickstarter is coming :slight_smile:
So their Dwarf team looks stunning, very interested in what they come up with for Chaos Dwarfs.


Now you’re speaking my language! My lack of a printer may not be an impediment.

Are there any more details on this? I don’t use social media, so I can’t see the announcements.

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Saw it as well, really cool to see more Chaos Dwarf teams. Thou I must say that I find it a bit odd that conpanies more often than not make the same team at the same time… :thinking:

Nope, they just told me “soon enough” but no clue on a fixed date for now!

Excuse me, Greebo, I’ll be the judge of whether it’s soon enough or not!



I was going to post them just now! Man those are so good!!

Oof! I might actually have to back that Kickstarter

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Holy moly, those guys have ‘chaos’ written all over them! That’s a damned infernal team right there. Greebo already has a new customer.

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These are pretty damn sexy

Wow those are so impressive!

Kickstarter link updated in the post!


Excellent, notification is set up

Would I need to create an account on Kickstarter to see more content?

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nope, only to partecipate to the project!
the project isnt live yet

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Good looking models. I don’t play Blood Bowl, but these would be great for conversions!

And we have the HOBBOS too!

@Fuggit_Khan 4 toes and fingers for your liking lol


First impressions is that these of my favourite hobbos ever

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Oh BIG yes here!