Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it

Chaos Dwarf Beards

  1. Yes this is an ogre but he’s a good test subject being slightly larger. I use the pair of smallest pattern and roll a clean ball with the flat sides.

  2. Wet the flat sides with water and roll a clean tube with slightly larger diameter than the desired end result.

  3. Using the small pattern with both plates aligned lightly roll in some texture

  4. Afterward (optional) with some slight angle variation, introduce some irregularity to the beard coil. Accomplish this manually in step 7 if it’s not turning out great.

  5. With a sharp wet knife cut to the desired length. This will crimp that end but the next steps will remedy that. Then with something like a ball end stylus tool slightly cup what will be the end of the beard. This is often not necessary if you plan to put an ornament to disguise the end of your beard.

  6. Grab the beard coil by the crimped/cut end and drop it into place. Clean up the crimped end by dragging the green stuff into the chin similar to standard hair texture.

  7. Use a sharp wet knife or sculpting tool to introduce more irregularity or more hair like texture around the coil.

  8. Repeat for bigger and more impressive beards!!

Comparison with other bearded brethren

Usage on a slave giant using large texture pattern