Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it


I finally had some time to reveal these! Or more precisely, redo them as I can’t find the original pics.


These are not the easiest to make consistently, and work best with greenstuff that isn’t too soft.

I used oven bake polymer clay to not have to waste GS and have a few do-overs as I can’t find the original pics, but this stuff is soft… too soft…

This is made with the xxl roll maker and the curved plates. It should also work with the other plates, but it’s easier with the curved one.

Start with a normal roll

And rol it between a plate with the texture and the back of a plate.

Next gently rol it between the backs of two plates to flatten the beads a bit

That was the easy part. Now the tricky bit. Put the flattend roll back on the roller, but offset it slightly, so the flattened beads are partly over the edge of the curves.

Gently roll it again between the textured plate and the back of a plate.

My roll was not the same width all over so only part of it looks as intended (the left bit) and not as good as it should. But as I said, I don’t want to waste green stuff. I might upload better pics when I make some more or have a bit of gs left over.

Finally, if the consistency it good you can slightly pull on both ends and stretch it all out a bit and if needed flatten it a bit between the backs of two plates.