Green Stuff Roll Maker Megathread - just roll with it

This is how you can make a Persian brass staff or handle for a hooka, pipe, … could also be carved bone or wooden beads depending on the paint job.
You could also cut these beads loose and put them between a normal staff and the weapon as embellishments or if you make them smaller they could be used as a necklace or bracelet.

I made these with the roll maker xxl and the curved plates but it works similarly with the others too.

Start with one plate rotated 45° and one guide added. Roll a sausage that is close to the outer width of the staff you need and put it on the plate.

Then take the second plate and put the grooves parallel to the guide. With just a little pressure roll the sausage between the plates. You should get this result.

To make the staff u cut off the last few beads that haven’t taken the texture well and add a Lizardmen bit to it to show how it might look.

And as handle decorations