Greetings from Arizona

Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I’m a full time touring drummer based out of Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. When I’m home between tours I love to paint and game. I’ve been collecting and building a Chaos Dwarf army in one form or another since around 2009. Previous to that I was (and still am) a very devoted dwarf player. I’ve collected many different types of chaos dwarfs and have a good amount of Russian Alternative and Fabelzel minis in my collection. In recent years I’ve also begun collecting classic metal models from the big hat era, and even a few from before, now that I’m able to afford it.

Right now I’m playing Warlords of Erehwon with a small group of friends and we like it. I’ve spent the last few months painting some Fabelzel and big hat stuff for my WoE force, and putting them on round bases cause I like that better for this game. Now we’re talking about possibly moving to 6th or 7th ed Warhammer :grimacing: I have a big rebasing project in my future… but I’m happy to have projects to look forward to. There is a lot of really inspirational and creative stuff on this forum, and I am looking forward to meeting and talking with all of you :crossed_swords:



We have a few chaos dwarf loving (ex-)musicians on the forum! Hreat choices in miniature brands too.

We even have our resident erehwon player, @Oxymandias!

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Welcome to the fun MetalMatt!! Great to have you.



Welcome! :hatoff: I’m looking forward to seeing your evil stunties.

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Welcome @MetalMatt !

If you’re into WoE, this creation by my buddy and I may be of interest to you…

Army lists for all warhammer fantasy armies using ricks calculator
Expanded magic system
New magic weapons for all factions
Expanded miscast table
Few house rules and tweaks around heroes
New missions


Also @MetalMatt , this is my homebrew campaign system using mighty empires tiles

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Excellent, welcome to CDO! So many right words in that posting :smile: would love to see some pictures of the models along the way. :eye:


OOOOOOOOOO Bravo! a great newcomer joined!
You must show us your collection, as well as some tracks of what you play!
As Michael said, there are some other musicians here as well (i’m one of them, bass player here!)

Welcome welcome!!!


Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing your collection
:hat4: .
:head4: .


Hey welcome to the community! Definitely show off what you’ve got and are working on!


Welcome here at CDO the world’s best chaos dwarf community! :hatoff:


I was looking at the Fabelzel snail sorcerer.

That’s a pretty damn fine and imaginative mini. It has a definite old school Warhammer feel to it.

What’s the appeal of Warlords of Erehwon over Warhammer 6th or Kings of War? Which seems really popular right now.


I think the fact it’s base type and size agnostic is nice. AoS, historical and Whfb armies can play each other no problem.

It’s a one rule book - all armies included deal

It’s relatively small scale. So small buy in. A “start collecting box” from GW or similiar would truly be a useable army.

No codex creep or broken wonky rules. Everything is pretty normal and does what you think it should.

There is a points calculator to make your own units.

It uses an interesting alternative activation mechanic taken from bolt action which keeps games interesting. No waiting around in your opponent’s turn, because it’s always your turn


Hi all, thank you very much for the welcome. I’m glad to hear there are other rock n rollers/musicians on this forum. Music and gaming have always gone hand in hand for me. I really enjoy listening to music as I game, mostly various forms of metal, epic power metal and NWOBHM type stuff is my favorite to game along to.

@Oxymandias Yes I’m familiar with your work on this project, I think a google search led me to it (and this forum) earlier this year, I was looking for a way to put Chaos Dwarfs in WoE and I found a way to do exactly that thanks to you. My group tried these rules a little bit during the summer, but then I left for tour for a while and have only recently returned, so looking forward to logging more hours with them.

@loidrial the band I play in is a sort of minimalist/old school death metal band called Gatecreeper, if anyone is interested in checking it out all of our music streams on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc… I’d be interested to hear your musical output, as well as what other members are involved in. From the small bit of sneaking about I’ve done on the forum seems like there are some fellow metalheads, but I do enjoy most types of music to some degree.

@harvestmouse I have played many fantasy games through the years, and they all have merit, I think it’s mostly a matter of preference. @Oxymandias highlighted almost all the reasons why I love WoE. To emphasize, you truly can use any miniature regardless of base size/shape, so if you have friends with tons of WHFB minis sitting in closets like I do, it’s easy to convince them to give it a shot. Also, small model count to start makes it easy to bring in new gamers with little or no experience. It’s not so intimidating to start, and I’ve brought in a few players who have never played tabletop before. The scale is in between skirmish and mass battle, but it scales up ok too. So we have played really small games, up to really big games and it’s always fun.

I’m looking to take some nice photos of some of my troops this weekend and get them posted here, what is the proper category for that? Thanks again for the welcome, friends. I’m looking forward to hanging out with all of you.


Chaos Dwarf army blogs best go to the prominent Miniature Showcase category. There’s also the Offtopic Showcase sub-category for all your other army projects :slight_smile:

And we’re looking forward to hanging out with you, mate! Are you also already on our discord server?


Yes mate! We’ve played truly massive games before.

WoE World Cup? US v UK? Let’s make it happen :joy:

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So you lads will use boring but effective meta tactics and sandy staters will work really hard and still suck really bad?

sign me up for SPORTS

(edit: Jac is not allowed to take the wood elf force he’s certainly collected after being utterly shattered by them in a tourney)


There used to be a member of Wodensthrone on the old forum, I always thought that was pretty cool.

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Not saying it was this guy. However, I once got shafted on an ebay deal by somebody in music band. I sold some CD on ebay and the guy didn’t pay up.

So I emailed him to ask what was the deal?

He emailed me back with … ‘No can do, I’m on Tour.’ …like that was a categorical and suitable answer…

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@jasko I’m not on the discord yet but I would like to be. Maybe I’ll figure that out in the next few days. Holiday and family obligations have me quite busy this weekend!

@Oxymandias That would be a dream to play a WoE World Cup! Maybe next time I’m in the UK we could get a real game in? Where do you live?

@harvestmouse Sorry that happened! I promise it wasn’t me!