Greetings from Sweden

I am Jaberoo, long time friend of @Admiral and considering the average height of my male friends I do consider myself short, bearded and also unashamedly evil, although this last one has less to do with height and more with my fascination with Chaos in all things GW. :smile:
I joined a while ago but forgot to post an introduction. Whatever obsession I currently have tends to take up so much space in my mind that other things fall by the wayside.

I used to play WHFB before it took a long vacation and currently 40k is my main vice. When someone asks what I play in 40k I say Chaos and when they say which faction I say “Yes”. I dabble in every Chaos army and also have Warriors of Chaos and Disciples of Tzeentch in AoS. I also dip my feet in other factions here and there.

In my local gaming club I am famous for being grumpy about the rules Chaos often gets handed and for my penchant for getting absolutely and completely consumed by a hobby project until I one day turn up with 2000 points of I-didn’t-even-know-you-had-that ready to play. Then I forget I had that army even though they are all on shelves in my living room. :wink:

I must however concede that my collection contains only one Chaos Dawi, the one in my profile picture. I am waiting patiently for the day when Chaos Dwarfs come to AoS, at which point I shall lock myself in my workshop and paint a dirty, grimy Chaos Dwarf army with green Warpfire burning whereever apropriate and funny dyes in their beards.
Until then, Total Warhammer 3 will do.

Glory to Hashut, Father of Darkness. I look forward to waddling into the smog-choked future with this community.


Välkommen! Gött med ännu en svensk i lag korta, arga män med stora hattar! :smiley:

Welcome! Feel free ( :wink:) to show off all those factions in a plog of your own! ^^


Welcome here at CDO! Even unbelievers get their place and purpose assigned here! :hatoff:


But the essence of Chaos is contradiction!
Rebellion and autonomy!
Not waiting for the false emperor to rise from his throne and gift you the dwarfies he deems appropriate, but taking those you want and when you want them!

Erm, I mean… welcome to CDO. ^^


It was fun to get an admin notification because it though your Swedish was some sort of spam/attack hahahaha

Also welcome @Jaberoo ! Every chaos faction is great, every one of then 3 main one
Khorne is great
Nurgle is amazing
Tzeench is cool
While Slaanesh can literally go fuck itself :eggplant: never go down that road lol

Welcome welcome! :shed:


Strange as my ways may seem, that is actually what I am up to.
I am biding my time until the day Bull Centaurs and K’daai that look as good or even better than the ones FW produced graces us, as I have faith that those are the ones I will want. I hope the Bull Centaurs have hats this time around.
There are many fantastic Chaos Dwarfs out there from other producers as well of course but the issue is also practical: no one in my local gaming club plays T9A or WHFB, but there are many AoS and 40k players.
Hence, waiting for an official AoS release is the sensible thing for me to do for now. :wink:


That is fantastic. It might be prescient!

I must agree on all points except Slaanesh. I think there is a lot of interesting potential there with the greed and vanity angle although it’s not very well explored (yet). Because of that I gravitate mainly towards Undivided, Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle.


I have never been tempted by Slaanesh before… but……
Being of a certain age and slowly increasing girth I suspect
I now have sadly more in common with Glutos Orscollion than Astrogath

It is a nice mini too


To me, the whole concept of Slaanesh makes me feel uncomfortable. All this sexualised shit isn’t my cup of coffee
But there is something for everyone

Among the 4 god’s, nurgle is what speaks to me the most, and I guess it isn’t by accident that Slaanesh is the opposite one xD


But Slaanesh opposes Khorne, not Nurgle!

(Also, all your talking makes one want a Slaanesh project of some kind.)


Different aspects of different Gods. At base Slaanesh is a god/ess of excess. Excess of what varies, eg Glutos is an exemplar of greed/gluttony, Sigvald an excess of pride/hubris. You could build a hedonites army without the sexualised reference


Wait what? Never been into lore as I can’t fucking read, but I thought was
Khorne Vs Tzeench (muscle vs mind)
Nurgle vs Slaanesh (rot vs lust)

Once again, “I’m Eddy and I know shit” my motto lives on


I’m quite sure it is the other way around.
Chaos gods have many aspect, so you could find plausible opposites in any of the cases (i.e. death vs. change for Nurgle–Tzeentch), but the somewhat arbitrary setting is like this.


Khorne hates tzeench because he hates magic but he really hates slaanesh because slaanesh likes “pretty” things. Khorne doesnt have time for pretty things and indulgence. Only war and murder, blood and bones…

Tzeench hates nurgle because nurgle takes all hope away and causes despair, while tzeench feeds of humans hope for well… changing their predicament.

Slaanesh hates khorne for being the exact opposite in every way… He probably considers khorne to be a sexually frustrated guy who needs to do some drugs and take a break.

Nurgle is generally a happy jolly guy who is the only one to care about his followers. He’s basically like santa but instead of toys he gives you herpes. He hates tzeench for the same reason tzeench hates him… opposing sources of power.

I liked nurgle before he was the cool shit (like 5th/6th ed) but then puberty hit and slaanesh became a bit more interesting…

I suppose not much has changed on that front…


What was this, exposure therapy?


Completely agree on the sexualised shit. It’s not my cup of coffee (or tea) either. I do however think the recent Myrmidesh dudes are cool, since they lean into vanity and pride. What few Slaanesh models I do own inevitably end up converted with Drukhari bits to make them less sexualised and more Hellraiser.

Nurgle has a lot of cool stuff to be sure. Ultimately I think all Chaos Gods have something cool on offer - all daemons are equal when bound to an engine, if nothing else. :smiley:


Hated that shit since the beginning. It was what made me drop that project.
I’m just entirely in the opposite spectrum of Slaanesh and any fiber of my body can’t work in that crap lol


Must. Resist. Roman and Italian history jokes about Slaaneshi aspects. Both lust and vanity and pride and gluttony and greed. Vitellius. Mediaeval Papal Pornocracy. Lady Sforza. Venice. No…!

@Loidrial , let’s say it like this instead: Compared to a list of your historically famous countrymen and countrywomen longer than my arm, you are a decent, well behaved denizen of the glorious sunny Boot, with no risk of falling to Slaanesh, except in the pursuit of miniature painting perfection. :smiley:

Roman and Italian history has more than its fair share of shall we say salacious episodes and wanton characters. All the way through the centuries. You’ll never get as negative and repulsive a view of the ancient Romans as when you read the Roman authors Tacitus (dry and sharp and source-critical) and Suetonius (gossipy and scandal-focused). By Jupiter!

So please carry on being you, Eddy! :hatoff:

Och välkommen ombord @Jaberoo ! For the greater glory of Chaos! And Daemons make for fine battery packs, don’t you think?



Some might say that’s their primary purpose. I know I do, ever since I first laid eyes on a Daemon Engine. Having Daemons roam free just seems so irresponsible most of the time.


Welcome. You can love all the Chaos Gods you want.