Halgar Hellgaze's Doomseekers [2022-08-09] GH XXXIX

Hi all,

I wanted to share my new project. A fully* 3D printed chaos dwarf army. I have bought a earthquake cannon and an iron daemon. All other models will be printed from various sources.

I have painted my first 2 units of hobgoblins.

A unit with spear and shield.

And a unit with bows

The last unit still needs matt varnish, hence the glossyness.

Next up are some wolf riders

And when they are done I’ll start with the dwarfs or centaurs.

Also found some k’daai fireborn.

And k’daai destroyers.

A very dwarf like but gorgeous siege giant.

And some characters!

I’m still printing goblins with hand weapon and shield, ironsworn, Lammasu, great Taurus,…

Finally I also printed some replacement parts for the iron daemon but I can only post 10 pictures…

I hope you guys like the project and I’ll post updates when more gets painted.


And lastly the iron daemon.


This is so inspiring :scream::scream::scream:

I can’t even start imagining the print hours that have gone into this already. Great work.

Where are the files from? Tjub started a thread listing 3D printable files on a thread on the forum. If you’ve found goodies or places to buy goodies nobody else has - make sure you list them there.


Thank you. If I had to guess I’d say I’m atabout 4 weeks full time printing now.

A benefit of the lockdown is I get to keep my printers going 24/7 :sweat_smile:

All the dwarfs are patreon files. The goblins are free on thingiverse, look for a creator called eamanng.

In this screenshot you can see where they are from. If you want more specifics I’ll have to look into it.


Looks great! So cool, wish I had the space for a printer myself…

Please add any files not already there to the “3D-printing Section” so we can keep building it. :slight_smile:

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Will do!

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Wow. That is so impressive. Totally printastic


Wow this is amazing! Yet a other reason to get one… :sob:

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Today I had a little spare time so I already did some bases for the wolf riders. The 5th I’ll be at a friends house doing some speed painting. Or normal painting since I wont be able to go much faster then this…

They are done except for quick shade and matt varnish but I’ll apply those when the wolfs are glued to them.


These look great!

Allright, today was a very productive day. 11 goblin wolfriders done and ready for quickshade and varnish. That will be for another day since its tricky to transport wet models.

I’ll take some better pics when they’re done


Allright. Soms sneak peeks after the quickshade. Now they will look a little different after its dry and matt varnish had been applied but changes will be minimal.

Not the best I’ve painted but definitely fast…


Welcome to the forums! These look great! Gotta say, I love the look of the material too :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to, seeing more painted - hopefully some of the Chaos Dwarfs too :stuck_out_tongue:
Any plans to leave the material unpainted for sorcerous or flaming effects?

And are these UV resin printed, rather than layers?

Hey, thank you very much!

They are indeed resin uv printed. On a anycubic photon. 0.025 mm layer height. The quality is really outstanding.

My friend said the replacement parts on the iron daemon look like warp stone :sweat_smile:

I like the idea of leaving parts transparent… but that makes undercoating a bit more difficult. Well as I’m typing it I realize I need to just mask it. I will keep it under consideration.

Thanks for the idea!

I have currently painted all gobbos except for a Khan. Next on the table is said khan, 2 dwarfs and a bull centaur.

After those the dwarf units will get some TLC. I’m keeping the ones I look forward to the most for last, to keep my motivation going…


Thanks for the printing info - it’s not something I know a huge amount about atm.

And your friend is right - something to remember for if you start Skaven or Mordheim!

Completely correct - masking tape (just take it off straight after spraying) and/or adhesive putty (blu-tac or similar) are perfect for it. You can still do a little edge highlighting or use some shades or both to make them pop a little, but will hopefully give some cool effects. Maybe remove them, then paint, then reattach so there’s no green tunnel entering hands or whatever though :stuck_out_tongue: got options! And very welcome for the idea.

Really smashing through the army at that rate! And looking forward to watching it continue to grow.

Always a good idea to have stuff to look forward to.

I already have 400+ skaven to paint… I dont want more :sweat_smile:

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Two more models done. Or… well done enough to share. Still need matt varnish and bases…


Yet another dwarf.


These look great!

Aye, really promising start! Looking real good, keep it up. :slight_smile: