Halmgir Glimmerheart's lost heroes

I’ve printed some bits and pieces for our dear @Zanko, and as payment he sent me some dwarfs. I say some… I mean a small army. It’s too much, but I’m sure it’s part down payment for future services haha. First time I’m the target of a batg bombing…

Kidding aside, i am extremely happy with this pile of lead. Its a great start for my dwarf army!

10 x marauder dwarfs with spear
16 x marauder dwarfs with crossbow (quarrelers?)
42 x marauder dwarfs with guns (thunderers?) With full command
23 x 6th ed longbeards? With full command

Thats a big pile of lead… and i love it!

BATG 2023 bombed though!

Edit: dont expect these to be painted soon though. :sweat_smile:


Totally unrelated… anyone have a 8th ed dwarf army book to sell to me?

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i remember using markplaats a lot when i was in NL and they had a lot of warhammer related stuff
also what a damn impressive lot man! awesome good guy @Zanko

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Yeah, i checked

  • ebay
  • marktplaats
  • 2ehands
  • vinted
  • Facebook marketplace

No luck so far. Cheapest i saw was $98+shipping from us

Is the dwarf book from 2012? I don’t remember it that way. If so, I would have it, but only in German. If that would be OK, I would send it to you.

Its this one

Yes, that’s the book. Shall I send it to you, even though it is written in German?

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I can read german. Not sure how well though :thinking:

You dont want it anymore mate?


Since I have never played the 8th edition, I can gladly send you the book!

Wow, those Longbeards alone are worth a lot, possibly the must popular dwarf model ever made. Can’t wait to see them painted!