Has anyone tried to build bull centaurs from Mournfangs?

So I’m apparently a masochist and I’ve set myself the goal of building a Chaos Dwarfs force out of current GW bits (I can’t bring myself to cut up old models). The big challenge is bull centaurs.

I’m not a terrible sculptor but I know my limits, I think reworking Chaos Knight or Marauder horses into bulls is a bit beyond me, since it’ll involve some serious reshaping.

Mournfangs though, they’re about the right shape from the shoulders back, and I think I can manage smoothing down Mournfang fur and covering any mess with scales or cloth.

I’ve found these Mournfang centaurs for Ogor Mawtribes, which keep the fur: https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/kubqz4/test_skalg_for_my_mournfang_centaurs_taking_ideas/

Has anyone else tried this? Am I truly doomed?


It could work. Someone else might have tried it in the past on CDO. I’ve got a vague memory of having seen something based on Mournfangs once, but cannot place it. At any rate, go boldly into the breach! You can do it. I’d be interested in seeing your progress and travails with such a conversion.

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You absolute hero! You are the kindve crazy we like. Haha. Welcome to the forum. There is such a wealth of knowledge on sculpting on the hobby section here.


Cool, and welcome! Cant remember seeing that exact idea before, but it looks ok IMO. Kind of an updated version of the old Boarcentaurs from the old range. I did a version of Bull Centaurs from Dragon Ogres and Skull Crushers which can be seen in my old blog.


So, it took me a year, but I’ve made one.

It’s a lot of work to try and keep the muscle structure in place. Reeeeeeally should have sculpted something over the top.

Now to make five more.