Heavy Music Tips - 2022

This here will be our heavy music thread. We will recommend new cool releases this year 2022!

I start of with Holy Witch - Levitating. This album came out last week from Louisiana out of nowhere. It can best be described as a softer Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. Another great stoner-rock band.


Another gem this year will be the new album from our beloved psych rockers. Awesome for fans of old school 70s bluesrock
All Them Witches

not exactly what i usually listen to, but this album came out i think at the begin of 2022

Green Lung - Black Harvest cd, stoner/psychedelic/folk idk really, you name it, it has the flavour of modern 70s band, you’ll like them @LaketideMiniatures im sure of it

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Reanimated old school Aussie thrash metal:

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I love green lung! Didnt know they released a new one. Thanks!

oh shit really? vanadium?? i thought i never hear their name anymore xD
gonna listen it later!

Also, gonna make a little shout to a friend of mine who released her dark/ambient cd couple of weeks ago, might be of interest here

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And of course my favourite and possibly the only, chais dwarf metal track

Night Demon, heavy/speed metal

Discovered this band few months ago, they have done some solid work

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Is it okay with some shameless self-promotion?


(Couldn’t embed, I’m bad at internet.)

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Awesome! Will listen

That was awesome

Cool! We have a gig 1st (no fools) of April in Oslo!

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Awesome finnish cover album with ol hits and modern classics like an war pigs funeralopolis

Not music per se, but man in so happy and excited I have finally my dream bass

Rickenbacker 4003 walnut one. I cannot even describe it