Hello from an old CDO member

Hell every, I’m Swissdictator. I used to be in the old forum in Ye Olde Days. I’m from southern Wisconsin in the US. I’m 39 this Wednesday at the start of Adepticon.

To say I’m stoked for Old World would be an understatement. I’m very happy fantasy is back in the rank and flank style I enjoy.

I started Wargaming in 1994 with historical Wargaming as a kid, as my dad was a historical gamer in self. Sadly he passed away in 2019, but I have all our stuff.

I got interested in Warhammer fantasy after my dad bought a how to paint a war games army book (black and yellow cover) that showcased armies from fantasy and 40K. Oddly despite being a big sci-fi fan as a teen (and today) and loving my B5 war games, I was much more drawn to fantasy. I picked up the 6th Ed starter and a few books and eventually found a group.

My main two armies 6th through 8th were Vampire Counts and Chaos Dwarfs, but being someone who enjoys making armies I also had a lot of time playing warriors of chaos (Nurgle), but also dabbled with Dark Elves, ogres, and Nurgle daemons.

After the end times I went to Bolt Action pretty heavily, I also picked up Team Yankee and fable a bit with Flames of War (I prefer Command Decision for WWII in 15mm). I dabbled with Malifaux briefly, and play song of ice and fire.

I did get into AoS around 2nd edition, and have a Nurgle slaves to darkness, chaos themed Sons of Behemat, and my ogres are rebased for it. With old world my interest in AoS is more limited to a local event that’s more narrative in style, and the style of my event my best friend is running at Adepticon (he’s running the Dawnbringer event and I quite like that format for AoS)

I am slowly building a heavily converted army for chaos knights in 40K, think Lovecraftian horrors assimilated by the Borg, which is very much a hobby project over a gaming one.

With old world out, I have largely rebased my VC, and need to finish my Black Knights and a few other units I’m adding. The first army I’ve built new for Old World that I started at the end of January and will finish tomorrow for Adepticon is a Slaanesh Warriors of Chaos army themed as the Symphony of Slaanesh, my daemon princess is the conductor, each warrior block has shields that I smoothed and put sheet music on their shields which each unit having a segment of a different song. When ranked up they form the sheet music together. The chariots have drums added to them. Plus other stylized elements that I’ll be adding after Adepticon.

I’ll be repainting my big hats, I never sold them, in line with the event going on. I’m definitely a better painter than I was back then, so redoing them will be nice. I’ve got ideas brewing already.

I’m a fan of the big hats primarily, but I like the masks as well. I appreciate the helms, but they remind me of the goblin army from labyrinth, and that’s not a bad thing either.

Since old fantasy I’ve developed a fondness for cooking and hosting friends and cooking for them. My two specialties being buttered chicken (I make the sauce from scratch of course), and an accidental creation of mine Mango-Habanero Salsa Chicken and Rice. My spouse loves both (I’m grateful she loves spicy foods) .

I’ll be teaming up with Xander at Adepticon for Old World Teams. If we face off at the 2k tournament I’m sure I’ll get a battle report!


Good to see you back!

@MichaelX can you link up his old account to new one in the archive?


Welcome back into the fold of Hashut, dear @Swissdictator ! What a nice reintroduction post.

You can always show your non-Chaos Dwarf army projects in Off Topic Showcase. The Chaos Knight army sounds intriguing! To say nothing of that ingenious Slaaneshi music theme. Wow!

And don’t be shy to share your most special cooking recipes and discoveries in Off Topic Discussion. CDO cooking is a tradition started by @MadHatter . :smile:

Best of luck at Adepticon!


Welcome home mate! :hatoff: It`s always cool to see all the old guys here again! :beer:




LET’S DO THIS! :smiley:

Welcome back, Swiss!


Its running, slowly…

700+ posts needing updating.


Sorry Mike A big job haha



@Swissdictator You’ve been busy for 2 days active… 692 posts, 144 topics :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back!


The warm welcome means a lot, so thank you all!

I was able to meet Xander for the first time yesterday as he passed through to Adepticon. I made him some mango-habanero salsa chicken and rice. I do enjoy hosting and cooking for friends, so that was fun.

I got my stuff done last night. Most ambitious project since I did my Iraqis for Team Yankee (won best painted with them at Adepticon 2022 though).

I’ll try to paint up some blunderbuss for the event, but we’ll see how exhausted I am after Adepticon. So glad I took the following Monday off too, I’m not young anymore. :joy:


Hey Swiss! I don’t want to complain, but I do miss your old avatar! :wink:


Haha, yeah! Change up that S!

Swiss and I went 1-2 in the Teams event, but we had a blast. Everyone was so pumped to be playing Warhammer again. :metal:


Welcome Swiss! I am quarter Swiss myself. Swiss friends!


I’ll have to check for my lap top to see if I still have that picture, I don’t know if I do!

So you’ll have to suffice with me cosplaying Loki.


I’m an American, but my ancestry is Swiss.

I’ve been to Switzerland a couple times back in 1999 and 2000 as a teenager, mostly Geneva and along the lake. My brother works at CERN.

My vampire counts are undead empire themed and I updated them in the autumn to have Swiss heraldry on their shields. One unit with the heraldry of the cantons and another the heraldry of cities. Black knights are a new unit and will have a mix of the two styles. Skeleton unit champions and grave guard use my family cost of arms for their heraldry.

My golden company for song of ice and fire also have Swiss heraldry.


This one?


That’s the one, thank you.

Now Loki or old school Swiss…


Que harsh mechanical breathing and Imperial March…

“Well, well well, my wayward apprentice makes his return, impressive, most impressive.”


Welcome back. 39 ain’t Olde