Hello everyone!! My name is Christo but I go by Kharegim on all the wargaming forums. Kharegim is the name of my abyssal/chaos dwarf overmaster and my display picture is actually one that was done up as part of a kickstarter pledge for the Kings of War RPG to make my character an official part of the lore. I have a huge collection of chaos/abyssal dwarf models, mostly mantic games with alot of big monsters from other sources.

The main games I play are Kings of War, vanguard, armada (all the mantic fantasy games) though i am now looking at finding files for 10mm scale chaos dwarves with which to do warmaster and I am in the process of basing enough infantry on 25/20mm bases to also play warhammer 6th/8th edition and eventually the old world when its released in addition to round based units for Saga age of magic.

Ill be sharing my army on another topic over time, as I am currently in the process of touching up and improving the paint jobs on all my chaos dwarves.

Keen to meet you all and become an active member of the community!!


Welcome! looking forward to seeing your collection in an army blog! Not sure if you’re into hobgoblins but be sure to check out the painting contest that’s live right now, always looking for new folks to enter the contests. It’ll be interesting to have some more kings of war representation. Feel free to reach out if you have questions

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

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Welcome here at CDO! I hope you will have as much fun here as I have! And hopefully we will see many of your models! :wink:

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Hey! Welcome to the home of evil dwarfs!

Looking forward to seeing your army!

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Welcome bro

Welcome! Prepare to have loads of fun here. :beer: I’m looking forward to seeing your evil dwarfs!

welcome welcome welcome! there is always a lot going on here, so have fun and share your work with us too! :chaos1:

Welcome! Looking forward to pics^^

Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing your work.

Good to have you! Welcome to the greatest forum on the web!