Horace Goes Big Hat

Hello everyone, I guess I will update my army log on the new site.

I have been working on my War Machines, my Sorcerer and a few banners for things that I never finished.

I magnetised the Lammasu rider so he could go on the FW Bale Taurus Big Hat stylee. I prefer the FW Bale Taurus to the old school one. Drazhoath can be swapped in if required. A few non-Chaos Dwarf things mixed in so I can just cross post it from EEFL :slight_smile:


D*mn those look nice and clean!

I have to ask… about the flagpost on the Earthshaker, did you pin it or just glue it (or magnetize it)?
I have flagposts for my two Earthshakers but the indentation on the chassi is so shallow that I don’t understand how I’m to get a decent glue joint…

Cheers :slight_smile:

I just glued them. One was a little problematic because it had been previously glued and snapped by it’s original owner. I drilled it to aid the process

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How can you not love big hats?!


Great old school vibe to your color scheme, yet grittier with more detail and not so ‘in your face bright’, as the old GW paint jobs. Really like how these have come out. look forward to seeing more.

Thats a classic and great looking army, well done! :slight_smile:

This whole army is absolutely inspiring. Great collection and gorgeous paint jobs.

Agreed, great combo of old and new :+1:t2:

Cheers for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

I have been working on my Bull Centaurs and have enlisted Hthark the Unstoppable to serve as my Taur’ruk. I also put together a slightly shonky home cast Bull Centaur musician using oyumaru and green stuff. Unfortunately they are not the best lit pictures in the world, curse these gloomy English summers!

First banner

Second banner (I might run two units of these and the first standard bearer I picked up off ebay was quite a shonky recast)


Some of the rank & file

And last and definitely least, my home-made Centaur musician. It’s not too bad with some paint on but doesn’t stand up to too close scrutiny. I think if I had another go I could have done a better job with it, I’ve been messing around making “proper” two part push molds using lego bases and it is a much better method.

I’m definitely tempted to pick up 1 more Bull Centaur to give me a nice round 12, 2 units of 6.


Story of my life :grin::wink:

These continue to be a fantastic take on those models, never a huge fan of the old Bull Centaurs but if they looked like these I’d happily have them in any army!

OOOFT these look awesome dude. Lovely scheme and incredibly neat paintwork! Awesome conversions too.

They look really good! Great conversion work on the musician as well. Im a big fan of your painting style, they are pretty “dark” but still pop alot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hehe, these old Bull Centaurs look so small compared to the FW ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I second all the comments regarding the color scheme. Well done. The unit looks great!

Really impressed with how you execute golds! It’s a colour i struggle with.

In fact I’ve finished kit bashing lord solar Macharius for my 40k IG army…and he’s basically supposed to be decked out in gold.

Any advice or a recipe mate?

Love the Ogre weapons crews, and who couldn’t appreciate a dash of Grom to boot!

Yeah no problem :slight_smile:

I basically use Retributor Armour (over black primer), wash it down with Agrax Earthshade then highlight it with Retributor Armour/Burnished Gold mix and then the same mix but with a bit of Mithril Silver mixed in. If it is a little bright you can always stick a bit of Seraphim Sepia on it


I finally managed to get my Chaos Dwarfs to a useable state! It may have taken me around 6 years to buy these up from eBay and kind folk on this forum, then get some paint on them but better late than never! Just some shields to paint and some remaining Hobgoblin Wolfriders.

I have finished off the banners for my Blunderbusses & Battle Standard and actually managed to get a game in

I have posted the battle report up on the EEFL forum if anyone is interested, otherwise here is a picture of the army since I had it all out

Battle Report here


It’s always nice to see a completed army in all its glory! Especially in action! Good work sir!

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Wow, glorious work, sir! Quite an outstanding army. Do you have further plans for your Chaos Dwarfs? We don’t want to miss future updates from you. :smiley:

Ooooh nice work! The army is looking really good, and those banners are looking top notch!

I know next to nothing about 8th edition but it looked like a thoroughly enjoyable game!

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