Hotstuff's dusted off Chaos Dwarfs

Hey Gang! After many years of not having time for the hobby due to life happening, I’m slowly getting back into it. Since my old pictures have been lost to the ages, I photographed some of the highlights from my collection to share here. Really happy to see this community is still going strong! I’ll be lurking on the discord.


Great to have you back! Lovely dwarfs! I really like the earthshaker with the hellcanon jaws!

Dont just lurk! Engage :smiley:


Oh…you still have him. I was so close to buying him off of you all those years ago… Sadly I am no where near as affluent as I was. I still regard it as the one that got away!!! Such an awesome one off!

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Nice to have you back. Once Chaos Dwarf, forever Chaos Dwarf :cd1990gif:


Ive never seen your stuff before, i really like your painting style and your conversions are amazing! I definitely need to see more!

Did you convert or maybe sculpt this guy? It seems like your style but different. Confused


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I guess we all see different things in these models haha :smile:

Haha yes! Its not a critique though, i genuinely love the model!

Nope, it’s not mine! Good sculpt though…

The kneeling demon is cool, what kind of model is that? Built it yourself? I also really like the fire mage! Great work dude! :hatoff:

Yes, he sculpted it himself. It was in homage to the old Demon Cannon.

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A wonderful display of creativity and conversion skill! Though not having been a member back in the day, I can feel the spirit of old CDO dripping from those minis. Great that you decided to return! :hatoff:

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I’ll see if I can dig up my WIP pictures. I’m quite tempted to do a ‘better’ homage to the rectal cannon :wink: I’m imagining a demon behaving like a cat receiving a suppository…


It’s from pre CDO days.

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