How to select a base size

I have many “sets” of CDs in my collection, but with the changes in base sizing over time, I am curious how basing sizes will or will not change with potential Old World activity afoot. I still have quite a few that are unbased, and it would be helpful to know which ones some of you believe they should be placed on.

Personally, I prefer a base size a bit larger, as I enjoy the basing aspect, but being able to rank them properly has become difficult, depending on which version of the game you might play.

Input would be helpful! Thanks

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It’s always easier to go bigger than smaller in the future. If you base 20mm now you can get movement trays that make up the difference or sabot bases to extend them. That said I think there’s a good chance we end up at a 25mm standard for ToW.


203867920-Warhammer-base-size-chart-2013-pdf.pdf (100.5 KB)

I use this pdf for 8th edition stuff.

Its fairly easy to put models on 20mm bases and have movement trays with spacing to vonvert to 25mm.
That would make them compatible with most game systems


I always go smaller, I’ll always be basing my dwarfs, chaos dwarfs and humans on 20mm square. That way I can use them in T9A, Kings of War, Warhammer Fantasy etc.

You can always adapt smaller bases into bigger bases.

Or spaced movement trays similar to this one.


Imho it’s not even necessary to make such a nice gridded movement tray. Base sizes in WHFB (and I guess TOW) matter to calculate who can attack, template weapons and if a units fits somewhere. So if it comes to the worst, just put your regular 20mm models on their 20mm movement tray on a bigger movement tray. Boom, done.
Or do it all in your head. “My unit is seven models wide, that would be 17.5cm, that means six of your trolls can attack.” Something like that. Granted, that’s not the best solution, but it definitely is possible to play like this. Tbh we do this with skirmishers. They are on spaced movement trays, but we don’t reform them into a regular formation in close combat. If they are five models, they will be counted as 10cm wide, not the “actual” 5x20mm + 4x1/2” of the movement tray.
For templates it’s anyway good practice to print out formations with different bases sizes and do the measurements there, much more convenient than holding a template over a unit and trying to gauge it from there.

(Obviously only taking about casual gaming here…)


You dont NEED gridded trays…

You “need” gridded trays…


dont base anything. put everything on a giant diorama display and crush the opponent’s army with it.
embrace chaos. be chaos.


Why deploy at all? Show your army list and be like “as you can see, I would have crushed you. Good game, thanks” :cd1991:


Haha life hack!

How to play 2x 10k vs 2x 10k in minutes for only a few pennies!

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That sound a whole lot how professional chess players would approach Warhammer :wink:

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Thanks for the replies everyone. If I have some on larger, or round bases…should I pluck them all off and put on squares, or just enjoy them as they are? I have enough, so I guess I wouldn’t need to, but between Big Hats and LoA, and now printed…nevermind, I just talked myself into making more.

Thanks! :slight_smile: