I Need feedback on the archive category

Som work, some dont.

Do you have a specific post?

Well, like, that post you posted. It’s all just looks like (dead) hyperlinks to what I assume is Xander’s defunct personal website.

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Hmm, true… I had a look at it yesterday and then it displayed the images of the Colossus.

That’s very interesting, I wonder what changed? Makes more sense that Michael posted it now.

Yeah, as Chitz said; no links in Xander’s colossus post works for me. Didn’t check any other posts yet, just this one as you quoted it when mentioning the image upload function.

@chitzkoi @tjub @denelian5

Basically the tool create some posts, from old to new. If i run the tool for say 400 posts, it creates 400 of the oldest ones on the old forum.

It saves all the URL’s it finds in those 400 posts, that can be processed by the following 2 MANUAL actions, in the database. These actions i need to initiate in the tool manually.

  1. Replace links that refer to topics/thread/forums on the old forum (confusing name, i know but a forum is a category on discourse)
  2. upload missing images that were direct uploads to the old forum. This needs more tweaking as there are some different url’s that i need to fix.

The reason this is not 1 single automated step is because:

  1. the topic being referred to might not be transfered yet, so i can not replace it’s url with the Discourse version
  2. Uploads cost space. Thats something we are looking into, because at the moment it would not be great for the forum to get an additional 4-6Gb of images uploaded. (not sure just how much of that will still be uploaded, thats the size of the images on my hdd).

So the reasons why you see dead links are:

  1. the relevant post is not on discourse yet. 400 posts are only 0.16% of all the posts
  2. the images have just not yet been uploaded by me (thats why xanders kolossus thread suddenly started working, i used that to build the upload mechanism)
  3. the external host is dead
  4. i fucked up

Item 1 will be fixed after every post is transfered, which will start next monday, but it might take weeks, AND it might fail and need some manual fixing, or… worst case a do over…
Item 2 will start working after that, IF hosting has been fixed by @Xander.
Item 3 is unfixable.

the only thing i can currently do something about is the 4th item, but only if i can find out what the issue is, and for that i need example posts.


That all makes perfect sense. So, you later did something that stopped the Kolossus thread working after you previously made it work? We didn’t just hug the external host to death? Which I can imagine could happen.

It’s a shame that so much is gone, but it’s hardly our fault. Much that once was is lost, for none now post who remember it.

I still say it will be fun going through the archive looking for blogspiration and making a new thread sharing all the best archive posts that are live.

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No… That is discourse… It does something to the posts…

EDIT: Oh i might have… I reset the post to its initial version to reprocess them bit it skipped over them

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Curious. Just as with the   thing and the [] thing, it appears there will be many small things to edit for.

I havent found those yet. Do you happen to have a link?


Start at the bottom of the main post and you should see quite a lot of both straight away

You win. The forum today. You’re the winner. Great comment. That is all.

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I haven’t cross checked against the old forum but these were things I reacted to while scanning the archive posts:

  1. Quotes looks a bit funny :

“Siegeshaker kits”

“Chaos Dwarf Online links”

  1. Broken links like these:
    “So you are thinking od starting a Chaos Dwarf Army”

“BC - Conversion idea”

  1. Some strange link/pictures:

“Xanders “Siege” earthskaker”

  1. Strange formatting:

“Issues with the current”

  1. Strange not-quite-links:

“Xander’s BFSP Death Rocket”

“Xander’s Bull Centaur Conversion”

“Xander’s BFSP Character Conversion”

This is very usefull!

The quotes are already fixed.

The dead links will be replaced after those topics are transfered.

The strange image tags SHOULD be fixed, but I’m not 100% sure. The upload via the api is a bit iffy.

The strange formatting and strange not quite links are very usefull. Some might already be fixed, some won’t be.

I shall do a test later this week.

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the dead links in this post are just that… dead links. nothing i can do about that

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You’re telling me turbosquid Internet hosting went under?! My shares!!!

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haha, yeah… well the more you know :man_shrugging:


Large update!

I found a MyCode to HTML converter on github and it works very well (much better and faster then what i quickly built). I also fixed the encoding issues with the weird Ã’s.

Image uploads are much more stble as a result and the messages are much cleaner.


Ill let it run for about 50 messages and then we can evaluate again.

One side note… SOME messages still have bad end tags ( like [/align] ) that have no starting tag. These don’t get fixed. I checked 5 random posts on the old forum and they also have these. i COULD remove these but it would be iffy at best.


Ok, for everyone following this, especially @chitzkoi and @denelian5.

I think this is as good as its going to get.

Could you spare a few more minutes.


These are looking really smooth. Some pics absent but far more visible than before. I even clicked one that now referenced a discourse as opposed to old forum link. Well done