I Need feedback on the archive category


There is still crap like this ^^^

but thats crap from bad MyBB code, not from the parser.

[size=x-large][color=darkred]Kyte Presents: [/size] [/color] ← this is bad
[size=x-large][color=darkred]Kyte Presents: [/color][/size] ← this is good

so bad Kyte!


Thanks a lot for your labours and technomancy wizardry, @MichaelX ! It’s looking better.

Yes, some codes don’t work over here. We could leave them as is, if that’s simplest. It’s not too pretty, but not too much of a hindrance either. It’s ultimately your call. :slight_smile:

Also, some pictures from e.g. Photobucket that may not show up anymore, may still have been saved

@chitzkoi : Poetic, beautifully so. We actually have a surprisingly good number of folks who has been on CDO since the first days (and on Hand of Hashut before that). Both people who has been regularly active basically all the time, and returnees who has been inactive for many years. If only we could open their brains and extract picture data from their memories… :smiley:


It’s not the codes that won’t work, it’s because they are malformed. They also font work on the old forum. Improper syntax

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I got it. But if it’s a lot of manual labour to fix tag syntax, then we might as well leave it there. Your call. :smiley:

I’ve stumbled across MyBB code syntax errors before when copy-pasting content to other forums. Tags in their improper places.

I feel some of @Admiral ‘s grimdark 40K fiction coming on…


I’m sure @tjub will volunteer for a cerebral extraction procedure. Provided we do not remove his big hat in the process or touch his beard, of course. :smiley:

I’m looking through various threads in different sections, and it’s looking smooth overall so far. Please carry over 50 more posts, @MichaelX , and we’ll see how they fare.

Michael = neo
Some rules can be bent and others broke entirely

That’s what I got out of all your computer mumbo jumbo talk haha
I just hit things with a club


Haha, it makes sense. Magic is just unexplained science. Except for Disney. That’s magic and money.

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I’ll do you even better. I’ll do 500 :wink:

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No, I’m not fixing these as human error is too unpredictable #TrustTheMachines #FetchTheOilOfEngineering #ILoveAdMech

We can fix these as we go along, or not. A stray tag here and there is fine.


BTW… when this is done @system is going to be our top poster i think :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, just fixed another issue. If a user was staff on the old forum, but isnt on this one he can’t write to the staff category. I made that staff only. The issue is that there are still posts for some of these users, like grimdarkfire, that need to be transfered.

For all these users the tool now defaults back to the system user. So if a post by grimdarkfire is made in another category his name is used, but in staff its replaced by system.


950 posts transfered so far


Good workaround

About 1.8k posts are transfered. It crashed on a post, so I’ll check tomorrow.

As previously said by others, it looks much smoother. I can’t go through all of them today but did a quick check.

  • There seems to be a lot less formatting errors and strange not-quite-link sections.

  • More pictures show up than before, it’s a shame on all the broken links but that’s not on you (or the sofware) since they are broken on the old forum as well.

  • This software seems to recognize if threads/posts have been transferred to the new forum so links are automatically updated? I’ve been through several posts where every other link in the same post goes either to the old forum or discourse, nice!

  • I’ve found some post’s with a A A at the beginning of some sentences, but that seems to be first posts on the new archive section so maybe that’s your doing at not the transfer (you stand as poster on each one I found, I think)? See example post:

Example post A A

Nice work, can’t give you enough credit! Hashut is surely proud! :icon1:


@denelian5 thanks so much for taking the time to go through and check these posts mate. It’s much appreciated


Yes, it does :smiley:

Weird… but i probnably can’t fix it all anyway.

Thanks :smiley:

You all helped a lot! When you write software it’s difficult to test your own software or its output.

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For the record, I thought your software was doing great, it just seems like the hare beats the turtle this time :wink:

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I found an issue where if there is a double space in the subject of a topic, discourse deletes the double space and replaces it with a single space. My code cant reply then since it cant find the same post. I fixed this by also sanitizing the code.

This also cause me to change the part of the code that gets the records still to process. It just got the last id it processed and started there.

Now it also check if some messages have not been transfered (or thats to say, arent in my list of “processed” records).

This allows me to remove a whole topic and resend them. This saves me from nuking the entire DB to fix a thread.