I seek the Sorcerer-Prophets of Zharr-Naggrund!

Greetings friends! I am happy to have found a active community for our lovable big hat dorfs! I have always enjoyed warhammer, and had a soft spot for Bloodbowl. One year my brother gifted me the classic Chaos Dwarf BB team and I was hooked. I would love to try and find some models, with all the interesting printable options out there, and try playing some AoS with my friends. I am hoping that this community will help me with this task, so I can walk the path with Hashut’s blessing, and bring some more… ‘eager employees’ to the mine and factories of our kin! haha


the more the merrier! hashut demands constantly more and more… what’s the word now? Labourers!
Welcome aboard the infernal train! :hob03:
The 1st and now obligatory step, will be to show us your classic bloob bowl team!! :rankcd1::rankcd2:

If you are looking for pritnable models, the most accesseble ones and @Fabelzel ones :eggplant: he’s the only one of us who put out a whole range, many of us made some models here and there as well

Welcome again!!


I will be sure to do so when I get back to my place. The paint job is not, the best… but I love them all the same! With the recent Warhammer III release, and some buddies wanting to get back into AoS, I found myself thinking… why not?

How are the models from Fabelzel? Do they scale well? I did a quick search and only found a patrion, do they have their own shop? I sadly do not have a printer of my own.


Welcome @TheFlynn01 ! Lovely to have you here! Browse the many many blogs for inspiration and ideas and feel free to ask anyone about their minis - we are always happy to chat.

@Fabelzel ’s minis are available from many licensed printers on sites like Etsy and EBay


Thank you! I will be sure to check them out. I hope I get to chat with plenty of folks and can build and paint up some armies!

No idea where to star on a list though!


We have a section on this too!


Perfect I will have to try and find it. Get my sea legs to the new forum. I am excited to find this community!

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@TheFlynn01 - best place to start


Heaps of helpful people here. where do you live as postage can rule some of us out


Welcome! …and agree Blood Bowl is without doubt GWs best game! :slight_smile:


I live in the states, Colorado specifically lol

Thank you! Yeah I looove it!

Here is my blood bowl team. Wish I could find the centaurs!


Classic Cowboys! :smiley:

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They are great. Haha I love those models, I never really had the chaos dwarfs on my radar, but my brother knew I loved blood bowl, and thought I might dig them: he was right.