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If you wish to learn more about this website, our community and forum please read the sections below!

The Forum

The forum is split into various sections explained below.

Website news

Competitions, staff announcements, and important news for the community will be posted here. Only staff have the ability to create a section in this area but all are welcome and encouraged to reply and discuss on the topics within!


This is where users will find a trove of content, information, lore and history to enjoy. We have sections for historical reference material that may inspire chaos dwarf generals, hall of fame armies to inspire, wargaming rules and fan supplements, as well as official CDO webzines and Podcasts.

Chaos Dwarf Discussion

Catch up on new releases of interest to Chaos Dwarf collectors, start conversations about the topic of Chaos Dwarfs, post and read battle reports, read and submit fan fiction or discuss tactics in various different game systems.

Chaos Dwarf Miniature Showcase

Here you will find the hobby blogs of CDO (described in further detail later on) as well as our ever evolving image gallery of inspiring miniatures and a space to see or submit work sculpted by members of the community for use in Chaos Dwarf armies.

Hobby ideas and advice

In this section users can present tutorials for sculpting and painting. Members can also find a wealthy of resources for 3D printing chaos dwarf armies.


The off topic. A place to chat about almost anything and everything! (Although perhaps check the forum rules about religion and politics first!). Users share funny real life stories, discuss other interests and engage in friendly discussion about things other than Chaos Dwarfs Here you’ll also find blogs detailing the building of armies other than chaos dwarfs for fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames.

Site Feedback

Have a suggestion for the staff on how to improve this forum? Having some technical difficulties? Here’s the place to mention them.


A place to give away, buy, sell and trade war game related material with other forum users. Please see the forum rules for the specifics of how this works.

Video Gaming

A section to discuss chaos dwarf and warhammer related video games, mods, DLCs and similar content.

Creating a Hobby Blog

What is a hobby blog?

This is the true lifeblood of Chaos Dwarfs Online and what has made up the bulk of our most memorable threads over the years. As a user of Chaos Dwarfs online we strongly encourage you start a hobby blog!

Hobby blogs are a space where you document the collection and growth of a Chaos Dwarf army. A blogger will show a journey of bare plastic, lead and resin all the way up to finishes painted and based beauty. Users encourage one another and give friendly feedback and advice.

This is a positive environment and hobbyists of all levels of experience are encouraged to do this. From beginners to grognards, we all have something to share and something to offer this community.

For those that grow their armies big enough and document this for all to see there are rewards in the form of badges, explained later on in this thread.

The typical thread title will look something like this:
[09-13-2007] Xander’s Uber Awesome Army Blog

It’s good blogging practice to say when the thread was last updated.

Please note also, that this section is for Chaos Dwarf armies only. Any other blogs cn be posted in the Off-Topic Showcase section.


CDO badges explained!

Click here to learn about badges, previously known as medals, that Chaos Dwarf Online users can earn on this website!

Forum Rules

What are the rules on this forum?

All users, especially newer ones, are encouraged to check out the forums rules. We have rules here to keep everyone happy and safe and to keep the friendly ethos we have fostered here over the years maintained.

The Archive

Discover the ancient history and heritage of CDO

The archive is a backup of hobby blogs, tactics, guides and more from the original Chaos Dwarfs Online forum, where users posted from 2007 up until 2019. This is an ever growing resource that daemonsmith @MichaelX is working hard to transfer over through the power of demonology, mass sacrifice and a decent understanding of software.

CDO Meme Dictionary

The “in” jokes and memes used in common CDO parlance.

The constantly evolving list of memes and what could technically be considered culture amongst the users of this fine forum are explained here.