Iceman's chaos dwarves

Hi there fellow followers of Hashut.

I created some conversions of bull centaurs using chaos steeds and dwarf slayer bodies.

A good friend of mine encouraged me to create this topic to share my work.

Most of the paint is contrast paints and some metallic colours from the citadel range.

I hope you like them.

More pictures to follow of further models and additions to the army to follow.

Praise Hashut!


They look great! Nice colour scheme

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Yessss @Iceman ! Glad to have you making the leap from the FB to the discord. These look class - proper old school feels. Love the reds. Look forward to seeing more!!! (Full disclosure I’m the mate whose been bugging him to share some to his work :tonguewink:)

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Oeh! These look great! And I’m not saying that because @Oxymandias made me do it! Not at all!

But for real… they are gorgeous! What is their butt armor made of? I like their Mohawks!

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Also… there’s there’s rule here (that I totally made up just now) that if your first picture post is this cool you have to share more asap…


That looks great. What’s your recipe for bronze? I’m a big fan of those rings, they look great! Especially the bright green as a contrast, well worth the time they must have taken

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Cheers buddy. I’m really happy with how they turned out :slight_smile:
The rings are really simple to be honest.

Base coat of leadbelcher, then mithrill silver over the gemstone part. Agrax earthshade over the band and then the gemstone paints from GW. Soulstone blue and waystone green. Its really effective.


The bronze is leadbelcher base and then Gor Grunta Fur contrast paint. Then agrax earthshade. I try to keep it simple.

Butt armour is made of chaos steeds straight out of the box.

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Oh there will be more incoming pretty quick, I have 5 more volunteers to become 4 legged ha ha.

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Mutilating those dwarves into the very thing they seek to destroy…very apt…a good come uppance


I’m a simple chaos dwarf pirate. If I see an eye patch, I spam the like button. Simple as that. Hats off, great builds and excellent painting!! Can’t wait for more.


This is good! :fire: :fire: :fire: