Image Gallery Direction

Howdy folks!

I started putting up threads for Discourse CDO’s Image Gallery today after @Jackswift mentioned it (old image gallery pictures to be transferred at a later date). However, we need your input on how to proceed, since this gallery is for you, and forall those who wish to see what CDO’s members have achieved through the years:

It’s to display the fruit of our works, the shining end results of all our labours, the crowning glory of all that modelling and painting.

Old CDO’s Image gallery is a treasure vault of pictures of finished Chaos Dwarf miniatures, but it is also sprawling, with lots of categories. There is even a separate Specialist Games gallery.

Instinct told me to pull threads together where feasible to give a better overview: Instead of separate threads for Chaos Dwarf fighting characters and sorcerers, you have them in the same, since many models out there work in both roles. Likewise, you can reduce category bloat by having Tauri, Lammasi and all mounted Chaos Dwarf characters in one thread. And perhaps all lackey and slave units can be lumped together, so that Hobgoblin infantry goes along with all Greenskin and other slave soldiers on foot, and all Hobgoblin and slave cavalry go in another thread. And fold the Specialist Games Gallery into the Image Gallery.

But is this what people want? Perhaps a detailed and sprawling image gallery is better for finding examples of exactly what you are searching for? Perhaps it is best to have separate threads for the Taurus and the Lammasu? And likewise with all manner of categories that could easily be lumped together, but may on the contrary be better left separate?

Please check out the categories in old CDO’s Image Gallery (and Specialist Games Gallery) and share your thoughts. Discuss and brainstorm and propose. How would you like to see it done? The image gallery can be a good tool for finding lots of finished models of various kinds, but how many different threads do we want?

Detail input is particularly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :hatoff:


It’s very nice that there is now an extra gallery here just for painted models! As far as the categories are concerned, I would first wait and see how they fill up, and then maybe in the course of time there will be suggestions for changes. :wink:

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As someone who likes chaos dwarfs I do like to have my hobby thinks in order… :sweat_smile:

I’d like to see a clearly named and labelled thread for all the mayor groups of unit types.

  • chorf infantry
  • centaurs
  • gob infantry
  • mounted gobs
  • warmachines
  • deamons and monsters

I feel this would amount to the best way to find something specific or look for inspiration in a specific category.


I just love looking at cool stuff past and present. (Less but more filled threads seems better to me). So cheers for making it easily accessible.


Great, my only feedback here is that the threads should be keep clean of comments and discussions. Preferable users link to relevant threads and blogs for discussion there. Just to keep it focused on presentation. :slight_smile:

For sure. :smile:

Discourse still lack the feature of sticky threads, so the rules thread for the whole section sinks to the bottom of the thread list. We’ve included a link to it and a summary of "only pictures, no chat "in the first post of all image gallery threads instead.

At the moment we’ll try out different threads for giants and bound daemons/other monsters, but time will tell if we should actually fold them together. There is a clear overlap.

Please tell if you find the two threads redundant and would prefer to fold them into one big monster thread.

Right, the image gallery categories are finished for the moment being. Time will tell if we need to split or merge some down the line. Don’t hesitate to give feedback in the future if you have any idea.

Thanks for your valuable input, folks! Now fill those galleries. :smile:

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I think MichaelX has got it in one here, I fully support this set out

IMO Separate is likely better although I would be thinking bound daemons would be the Warmachines?
For example if we had a siege giant he would obviously go in Giant, a Kadaai into Other Monsters and an Ass Cannon into Warmachines/Bound Daemons.
Perhaps there might not be much ion some categories at the moment but given time and the creativity of the community they should grow, I would also think that if one category was lagging behind a bit that in itself may inspire some people to create something to showcase under the mindset of “ohhh not many people have done something that fits this category, I am gonna make something epic to post in there”


Yep, @MichaelX has been of great help with advice, both here and on Discord. :beer:

Good point. K’daai are also bound Daemons, but in a different way than Daemonforged Hellcannons and summoned and shackled asscannons. K’daai are the most unstable mad bindings.

You’re right, the term Bound Daemon overlaps with the Daemoncannons like Hellcannon and asscannon. Changing the title of the overall monsters thread.

Fingers crossed it spurs someone to cover the sparse niches!



@MichaelX is indeed a great Daemonsmith! :smiley: :hatshut:
After it all beds in I doubt there will be many sparse area’s haha some great content gets forged here by the community at a rate that would make the capital of Zharr Naggrund blush!


Not that this is of much importance, but I believe the old gallery medals were based on a quantity of galleries contributed to. Might perhaps need a revisit given the reallocation of categories here?

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Ah yes, good point! @Jackswift was asking about gallery medals in the first place.

Do we have any math-savvy volunteer who wish to tackle it and propose new numbers?

Deebo + Math = :skull1:

When I was a beardling my granddad showed me a calculator for the 1st time and I was in awe! I said to him “now I never need to know math!”
Horrified he replied “of-course you need to know math, you cant trust machines they break down and then you will be stuck” to which I quickly answered “but I will learn how to fix the machines Granddad”

I now fix and build computers… Still shit at maths!


You clearly acquired the better skillset there. :beer:

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Not a perfect comparison due to some of the truncation but we now have 17 total image galleries. Blackshard could be changed to all galleries and the rest percentages of that? New numbers on the right

Bronze 5 → 3
Silver 10 → 6
Gold 15 → 9
Platinum 20 → 11
Diamond 25 → 14
Blackshard 30 → 17

Alternatively, nixing either platinum or diamond and going B3, S6, G9, P12, BS17 might work


Thanks a lot @Reaver ! Good proposals.

O almighty Daemons of the nether depths of the underworld, we summon thee from the devouring hellfire in which thou dwellest in most baleful depravity and unholy splendour! We summon thee from the suffocating darkness and the shrouding shadows, @tjub of the Pinhats of Doom and @Oxymandias the Keeper of the Seals of Devastation! We summon thee, to seek thy counsel and thy judgement and thy command! Pray tell, o deranged deities of the depths below, what say thou of these twain new orders of things that are laid out before thee to choose, like the cloven tongue of a serpent?


Meaning I’ve got no clue either one way or another, so more competent staff must decide, and anyway Oxy is our medal guru and Tjub is bedecked with more medals than a Soviet marshal, so they seem the obvious go-to-guys.

There is obviously no rush. This can be handled later when things are calmer for a certain groom.



This ain’t my first rodeo @Admiral . Was married once in my 20s, now I’m in my 30s. I reckon if get one in per decade I can be a discount Henry VIII by the time I snuff it.

So the idea is that people earn medals for sending pics to the galleries. Seems like a sound idea. But the question is how many images = a medal.

Well thing is - medals should hurt. We don’t wanna give these things out Willy nilly. Each one is a brand upon your skin from Hashut himself and denotes hours of torture and hobby.

I think 5 pics for bronze is solid. Five means you’ve completed 5 chaos dwarfs projects which is a pretty awesome feat and that you’ve shared them too.

Then what @Reaver says makes sense too. Rewarding a good spread of pictures across different galleries is a cool Idea too.

It’s a moot point (in the English not American sense of the word haha as in it needs discussion !)

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Yeah perhaps trimming down the number of tiers to make the spread better? Even just 5,10,17. To me (not an admin) it would seem to be a pain to deal with vetting multiple posts in a thread for one user. In the past for example, no matter how many characters you post in the characters thread it “still only counts as one” The numbers would definitely need to be inflated if you’re going to count unique posts instead of by category. (in my opinion)

Seems logistically simple to me to say does user have a legitimate post in “warmachines” okay check… instead of checking to see if they have, a hellcannon post, an iron daemon post, a skullkraken post, etc… previously with each having a separate thread this was more organic

@zanko currently has the blackshard and we wouldn’t want to diminish how much that displays the variety across all the legacy image galleries that he has shared. Could perhaps do this differently where we keep the 5 unique units, 10 unique units, 15, 20, 25 allowing you to say post multiple pics in the warmachines category for credit. but then the blackshard stays at “you have contributed at least once to ALL THE THINGS”
^^added admin logistics involved on this idea

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How good that there are also greenskin proxies! :wink: Otherwise I would have a problem … whereby I still have an ork unit for SAGA (in my side project)! :smiley:


Perhaps I am not correctly understanding, and/or feel free to disagree completely, but I don’t feel that the number of image galleries makes any difference. The old method was based on number of images of separate units and unit types as laid out below (doesn’t matter how they are split across galleries aside from someone checking up on whether someone has really earned a medal which only needs to be done once and the requesting person should lay out where their images are (in which galleries):


“The Image Gallery medal (the camera) comes in three varieties and shall possibly contain a fourth in the future. Gold, Silver and Bronze again. To get the Bronze, one must post 5 units within the Image Gallery / Specialist Games and Misscellany Gallery section of the forum. Silver is 10 and Gold is 15. Platinum is 20, Diamond is 25 and the ultimate Blackshard medal is given for 30! Any Chaos Dwarf -, Hobgoblin -, Fireborn -, Bull Centaur -, or slave unit counts for this as long as it is a new unit. All your characters combined counts only once, every type of warmachine counts only once each, combines emissaries count once, all complete specialst game teams counts once pr game (complete mordheim team, man-o-war fleet etc). All other unit types, only count once, no matter how many different units of it you post, but we still encourage people to do so.”


The above still works from my perspective and is “gallery” agnostic. The one thing I found frustrating was the exclusion of multiples for some unit types and specialist games (ie. each type of warmachine doesn’t count more than once, etc.). Painting up a single warmachine can be quite the challenge given the size, if you want to paint 2 and include them in your army, why wouldn’t both count. It is alot of effort to do, just like multipe warrior units counts (granted I fully understand if we are talking bazooka team or similar which is just 2 models, or on foot/small mounted characters). Same thing for specialist games teams, etc. It is alot of effort to do multiple teams, multipe Man O’ War forces, so why not include each as a separate entry. Each image is still unique. If the goal is to make it harder to get the higher tiers than allow each model, but make the counts higher. I would propose the following:

  1. As before every unique unit of greenskins, troops, bull centaurs, etc. (ie. KOW Abyssal Grotesques, Gargoyles, etc.) counts as one
  2. Unique Standing or Small Mounted Characters all together count once for every 10 models (ie. the same number of models as a small unit)
  3. Unique Small Artillery count once for every 5 models + crew (ie. a fourth ed earth shaker + crew counts as one, and 3rd ed Bazooka team counts as one; a KoW Abyssal Dwarf Angkor Heavy Mortar counts as one; ie. roughly the same number of models as a unit); uncertain where your model falls, ask an Admin
  4. Unique Large Warmachines with complex crew, Large Monsters, and Large Mounted Characters, and Specialist games Teams, Fleets, or Warbands count once each (ie. two Bloodbowl teams count once each); uncertain where your model falls, ask an Admin
  5. Increase the number of units needed for each medal to account for this, also making them more points equivalent (but not necessarily exact and no “valid” list requirement; for some it might be more, for some less) while still keeping them as regular intervals of 5 or 10. Something like follows: Bronze 10 (equivalent to ~1000-1500 pts), Silver 15 (equivalent to ~2000-2500 pts – ie. I am working my way towards 12 units for KoW list at 2000 pts), Gold 30 (equivalent to ~3000-3500 pts), Platinum 40 (~4000-4500 pts), Diamond 50 (~5000-5500 pts), and Blackshard 60 or (~6000 and up, a massive amount of units and models). Or perhaps suitably larger number requirements for Diamond and Blackshard.
  6. Zanko still gets his Blackshard! (pretty certain 10K points will meet the criteria regardless)

Too complex? To difficult to administer? Just an idea for consideration. Cheers! JR