Instagram (and/or twitter) user names requested

Hi all… with the new IG propaganda campaign i seem to be asking for your insta user names a lot… I think it would be a great idea to make a thread where you can reply your IG (and/or Twitter) handles so we can tag you more easily, and follow you at the same time.

Anyone who would like to be tagged when we use your pictures please leave a reply here!


I’ll start

IG: MichaelX3666
Twitter: MichaelX3666

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Don’t post much anymore but just incase that changes one day

IG; teddymademedoit

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I don’t tweet much but I am @oxymandiasCDO

I’ve never insta’d a gram though.

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no twitter
Instagram: @asinineminiatures

Insta: @x4nd0r

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Excuse me … but I’m not on any of the social media channels. :open_mouth:


Instagram: tjubkovskij

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Twitter: Karak Norn Clansman

I’m on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook to shamelessly spam- I mean spread my work and CDO news.

@MichaelX : Good initiative! Maximize outreach of CDO for make benefit glory of greater Hashut.

@Zanko : Being just on the forum alone is perfectly fine. This is the beating heart of it all, as it’s always been. :smile:

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I don’t do social media, I’m afraid. When I was a kid you got in a lot of trouble if you followed strangers.


@bas_2312 on Instagram, but not too much Chaos Dwarf content I’m afraid…

Insta: @rollforwounds

Poach anything you like!