Is MMF down

Greetings fellow Hashutians,

I was wondering if there are issues with My Mini factory amongst you.

I tried to download several files I got from (various) Kickstarters, but everything, also older one that I tried to redownload to test, lead to the 3D Patric error page.

Is it something on my end or are there problems in general?

May Hashut grant you many slaves!

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Seems to be workin just fine for me maat

Awkay, thanks. Irritating, but then i guess it’s help desk time

Greetings, fellow follower of Hashut,

I’ve experienced similar issues with MyMiniFactory recently. It seems like a platform-wide problem, as I’ve encountered 3D Patric errors too. It’s not just you; others have been facing these issues as well. Hopefully, the administrators will resolve these problems soon.

May the blessings of Hashut be upon you, and may your 3D printing endeavors be successful.