Just some good feedback!

Yesterday i made some posts and edits on this forum from my phone and i have to say it works very very well! I was skeptical about using a forum in 2020 BUT i have to say its very intuitive and easy to use!


Yeah the word “forum” conjures up quite an archaic image in the mind doesn’t it. But this programme handles like modern social media with the added benefit of having all the searchability of an old school forum. Was definitely a good shout by the staff to move over here.

I’m part of a couple of Facebook miniature groups, Necromunda, WoE , Fimir etc. They have lots of posts and good content but within a day or so it’s lost in the stream. I love how you can essentially use this area to host blogs, go back and search old content and maintain a library of CDO past and present. The golden hat hall of fame is a particular love of mine to go back and flick through.


Glad you like it! I agree with you both… Given time more old CDO content will be moved here. :blush: