Kickstarter: Scoundrels of the Damned Ruins

Just saw this KS, might be of interest for all you Mordheim fans?


These are nice!

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I backed, then I saw the stretch goals are not free… feels besides the point of stretch goals. Also, the cool factor was in the diversity of the stretch goals heads. So I canceled my pledge.

They are beautiful models but 7usd for 7 heads is steep

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Ah, too bad… Didn’t look that deep into it myself. :confused:

Still a fair price for the base set, I just mainly wanted the extras :slight_smile:

Good spot @tjub I do like that base set, could use those to make some great swords for my Empire army.

I went back for a closer look after @MichaelX pointed out the stretch goal bit ans spotted these guys…
The Holy Roman Empire: 3d printable 28mm miniatures. by Joy Games Interactive — Kickstarter

I think I might defs get these as well!!