[KoW] My Abyssal Dwarfs so far

Just a bit of quarantine painting…

Update 6/15/2020



that army is looking great! Did you do all that during quarantine?

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Great looking troop! :+1: I am looking forward to more beautiful models! :wink:

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Good looking Army! Great subtle paint scheme.

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What a cool army, makes me want to collect KoW :grimacing:

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Great army you got there! I like the “non classic” choice of colors as well… :slight_smile:
Any plans for the KoW summer campaign with these I hope?

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All except for the Ancient Halfbreed. That was done a couple of years ago.

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Well, trying to build a community here in South Florida to take part in the campaign. Maybe when this pandemic fizzles away.

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That looks really cool! Great colour scheme and paintjob. I especially like your Immortal Guards, the Chaos shields suit them nicely. Also, fine work on the Obsidian Golems, you really made those minis shine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Added a rocket pack to my overmaster to represent the Wings of Honeymaze


Ah, haha… Cool, a back pack with bound demons? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks great!

Do you find “Wings of Honeymaze” to be a good item? An Abyssal Dwarf would still be pretty slow? Im asking since I haven’t used the Magic Items much myself. :slight_smile:

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Fly and spd 10 at -1 Defense? Sure looks like a good tradeoff to me. Mind you I only put it on him because I had and extra pack in my bits box and I have 2 over masters. Besides the different sculpts I wanted to differentiate them even further. As to being a worthwhile piece of equipment, I wouldn’t know since I haven’t played a game yet. I know that the overmaster is pretty hitty but slow. I have a feeling that the “wings” are a pretty good investment to keep up with the halfbreeds…




Ah, true… I thought it was just double Speed. Ill have to re-read the rules. Sounds good for hunting Warmachines or ground enemy fliers. :slight_smile:

Great characters, both of them!

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Thought I recognized this army. Congrats on being spotlighted on the Mantic Blog… :stuck_out_tongue:



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That’s fantastic! Congratulations @Khaz-gurad

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I have just thought that this army looks so much better than examples on Mantic website. Great! Congrats :smiley:

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Wonderful work man!

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Painted these a couple of nights ago. Waiting on some artillery and halfbreeds.

My Brakki Barka stand in. Used a bestigor champ axe head instead of the stock hammerhead

Ba’su’su the vile

Ghenna but using as an Ironcaster (obviously)